Huge Update On The Bray Wyatt WWE Character As Sister Abigail – Is It Scheduled To Continue?

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt was supposed to debut his Sister Abigail character at the TLC pay-per-view, but a health scare nixed the idea. Instead, Wyatt was replaced by AJ Styles, as he sat on the sidelines waiting to be cleared to return. The character was presented to extend the current feud with Balor, as the two have been feuding off-and-on since the Superstar Shakeup in April. Both Balor and Wyatt were in a need to enhance their status on the Raw brand, and many felt that feuding against each other was not very helpful.

Wyatt made his Raw brand return this week during WWE’s tour in the United Kingdom. Wyatt most recently teamed with Sheamus and Cesaro to compete against The Shield’s Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, and their honorary Shield member Triple H. Bray returned with no mention of the Sister Abigail character and maintained his current “Eater of Words” gimmick.

Based on these factors, it has been reported that the Sister Abigail character looks to be put to rest. Moreover, it is expected that Wyatt’s feud with Balor will also end. This has been shown over the past few weeks by Kane attacking Balor after handily defeating him on a previous episode of Raw.

Since debuting on the main roster, the Sister Abigail character has been quite odd and thrown around in many scenarios. At first, Wyatt stated that she was deceased and he is fighting for her honor. This explanation stayed until his feud during WrestleMania 33 with Randy Orton, in which The Viper went to the house where she was buried and burned it. Within the following weeks, Wyatt went to the burned site and rubbed her ashes on his face, as if this was a form of channeling her spirit inside him.

Apparently, the spirit of Sister Abigail remained in Wyatt during his feud with Balor but was not revealed until months in their feud, and a series of matches. Now, however, it appears as if Sister Abigail will not return, at least anytime soon. Hopefully, Wyatt can gain some momentum in the coming months, and potentially rebrand his character without Sister Abigail.

[Featured Image by WWE]