WWE Rumors: Asuka’s Booking Causing Major Problems Backstage

The Empress of Tomorrow has quite the reputation following her from NXT after her historic title reign as the NXT Women’s Champion. A broken collarbone ended her reign, but it was a golden opportunity for her to make the jump to the main roster unbeaten. Asuka made her debut at WWE TLC and defeated Emma in a solid match, but some fans have been arguing that her booking hasn’t been strong enough since debuting.

The general feeling is Asuka came in with too much hype and she needs to be more dominant even against some of the best performers on Raw. It’s been rumored that an Asuka vs. Sasha Banks feud is coming soon, but that won’t happen before WWE Survivor Series because the PPV is being sold as Raw vs. SmackDown Live. In fact, Asuka’s booking heading into the event has started creating some huge problems backstage.

It’s being reported that including Asuka in the Raw vs. SmackDown Live Women’s Match is a big matter of debate among WWE officials because no one wants to book her to lose even by disqualification. However, a lot of people are also being cautious about excluding her from the match entirely because she might be seen as unimportant and outside the Raw Women’s Division, which is not something WWE officials want to do.

Asukas Booking is Causing Some Major Problems

The best choice seems to be including Asuka in the match and booking her to get the dominating victory for Raw at the event. That could also create another problem because WWE officials would likely have to make some changes to the finishes for the other matches. The powers that be want Raw to win the night overall, and they might have been planning for SmackDown’s women to defeat Raw’s women during their match.

Like all undefeated pushes, they create booking issues heading into multi-man matches like these. Asuka’s push isn’t expected to end anytime soon, but WWE officials need to decide the best course of action. Asuka may get a separate match against someone from SmackDown Live. She may be the sole survivor during the women’s match at WWE Survivor Series. Heading into the PPV, WWE officials need to make a decision.

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