Michelle Duggar Confirms Family Feud Between Jill & Derick Dillard And Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo?

Did Michelle Duggar just confirm that a family feud is taking place between two of her daughters and their husbands? Some fans seem to think so, based on a cryptic message she posted on her family’s blog, according to InTouch Weekly.

To understand the basis of the supposed family feud between Jill (formerly Duggar) Dillard and her husband, Derick, and Jinger (formerly Duggar) Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy, you have to understand a few things about the Duggar family’s religion. In their version of Evangelical Christianity, girls and women are essentially the “property” of their fathers and, when they marry, their husbands. That means that when girls marry, they must adhere to the rules set by their husbands when it comes to how they live, how they behave, and how they dress.

Women in the Duggar family, and women who marry into the Duggar family, are expected to dress “modestly.” That means no pants, no short skirts, and very little exposed skin.

While the Dillards have kept to those conservative standards of dress, Jinger has done anything but. In fact, she’s developed something of a reputation as the family rebel for wearing pants and short skirts.

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Apparently, Jinger’s “rebellious” ways have led to a family feud between the sisters and their husbands. Some fans have noted, for example, that neither Jill nor Derick follow Jinger on Instagram. What’s more, Jeremy once preached a sermon where he blasted missionaries who aren’t “established by a local church” and calling them “unqualified, uncalled, unconfirmed, unsent zealots” that “cause more damage than they do good.” Without naming names, some fans are convinced he was calling out Jill and Derick, who have done missionary work without the backing of a congregation.

Some fans have even speculated that jealousy is at the heart of their supposed feud — Jill apparently being jealous of Jinger’s freedom when it comes to dress.

If there is a family feud going on, it appears that Michelle Duggar may have just confirmed it. On the family’s blog, Michelle wrote this week about bitterness and jealousy.

“Comparing ourselves to others, envy, and jealousy all lead down a road to bitterness. Bitterness can cause us to be harsh and to treat others unfairly — sometimes unknowingly! One thing we must do as Christians is to pray that bitterness finds no place in our hearts. Let’s choose joy!”

So was Michelle writing about the feud between her daughters and their husbands? It’s impossible to say since only Michelle Duggar knows what was on her mind when she wrote those words. She may have simply had something on her mind that had nothing to do with her daughters — maybe something she read prompted her to write those words, or maybe it was the sermon from her pastor this most recent Sunday.

It also bears noting that, as of this writing, there’s been no confirmation of the supposed feud between the Dillards and the Vuolos. And if there is, they’re almost certainly not going to confirm it publicly.

Do you believe the Dillards and the Vuolos are in the midst of a family feud?

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