Tyrese Broke: Desperate For ‘Fast 9’ Paycheck To Cover Legal Bills, Reason Behind Feud With Dwayne Johnson

Tyrese is going broke and desperate for cash, which is why he is so enraged about Dwayne Johnson’s spin-off movie delaying the release of Fast 9, the actor has revealed.

Following endless rants and tantrums on social media after learning about The Rock’s decision to sign on for a standalone film away from his franchise cast members, Tyrese was angered because studio execs made the decision to push back the car-driven motion picture because of it.

Tyrese tells TMZ that he’s fuming, hinting that the paychecks he receives from the franchise is what has helped him pay endless court cases regarding his feud with his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

Norma has made several allegations about her former husband, claiming that he has not only been abusive but he’s also a bad father and shouldn’t have the right to come anywhere near their daughter, Shayla.

In court documents, as revealed by TMZ, Norma has alleged that Tyrese is an abusive parent who has often put their child in uncomfortable positions where she’s become fearful of her own environment.

Tyrese strongly denies the claims that his ex-wife has made, convinced that she’s only saying as such because she wants money from him, and paying off the legal fees for the drama she’s put him through is starting to affect his income.

If that wasn’t enough, Tyrese tells the media publication that because of the supposed fabricated allegations made by Norma, the actor is finding it hard to get hired by any other production company or film studio because they don’t want to attach themselves to such negative attention.

This has evidently led Tyrese to suffer from what appears to be a meltdown, filled with anger and frustration.

The franchise that’s supposed to continue getting him a sustainable paycheck has now been pushed back to help kick off the spin-off film for The Rock, who Tyrese claims were opposed to the idea of signing on for his own movie, but supposedly decided to change his mind at the very last minute.


Tyrese vented earlier this week that if Johnson returns to the franchise for the 9th installment, he won’t be interested in working alongside the WWE champ, hinting that he will walk away.

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