Blake Shelton & Adam Levine’s Feud Explodes As They Go Head-To-Head In Album Battle

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have been playfully feuding on The Voice since the NBC show first began in 2011, but now their drama is spilling out away from the cameras after the twosome confirmed that they’re now going head-to-head in the music world as they both release new albums on October 3.

Both will be releasing new albums this week — Shelton is dropping Texahoma Shore while Levine and his Maroon 5 bandmates are releasing Red Pill Blues – and it turns out there’s a whole lot of (playful) competition between the twosome.

In a video obtained by Billboard, the twosome made a bet on who will sell the most copies of their new release in the first week, and they have a pretty interesting wager going for the loser.

Shelton told his fellow The Voice coach in the clip that he’ll have to call him “Captain Country” if he sells the most albums in the first week of release, while Levine told the country star that he wants to be referred to as “the greatest there ever was” if Maroon 5 comes out on top.

Blake then joked that the band’s album cover was “messed up” due to their use of Snapchat filters and claimed that no one was going to pay money for their latest album, while Adam hit back by claiming the country star’s artwork looked like he was posing next to “raw sewage.”

The two then shook on the bet and vowed to follow up on their wager on the next live show of The Voice –– but their playful teases certainly weren’t done there.

While appearing on NBC’s The Today Show on November 2, Adam cemented his feud with the country star by holding up a sign to the crowd that read, “Blake Shelton sucks at life and music.”

Blake then clapped back at his fellow The Voice coach on Twitter amid their jokey feud and actually urged his followers to buy a copy of Maroon 5’s new album for a pretty hilarious reason.

“Heard @maroon5 has an album out tomorrow.. Please go buy it so that band doesn’t have to make another with [Adam].. Must be awful,” he tweeted on November 2 of why his should fans should pick up a copy of Red Pill Blues.

The (playful) feud drama comes shortly after Levine first ramped up the drama with his co-star after he joked this week that Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani are “disgusting” with their love.

Speaking out about the loved-up couple during an appearance on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show on October 31, Adam admitted that seeing Shelton and Stefani’s PDA makes him want to “vomit.”

Blake Shelton & Adam Levine's Feud Explodes As They Go Head-To-Head In Album Battle

“I still tell [Blake], ‘I can’t believe you get to be with Gwen Stefani’… It’s just not f**king right!” Adam continued. “They’re so in love it’s disgusting.”

Season 13 of The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

Are you on Team Blake Shelton or Team Adam Levine when it comes to their big album battle?

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