'Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Steffy And Bill Are Awful -- Plus Rumored Death In Spectra Demolition

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and rumors tease that the big explosion this week might kill a beloved secondary character. It would be strange if a boom that big didn't injure or kill someone, but we also know that B&B isn't going to kill off a major character right now. Many Bold viewers are frustrated with this plot since Bill Spencer's (Don Diamont) greed and heartlessness is threatening lives, but he just won't stop. On today's episode, we edge closer to the explosion at Spectra Fashions and lives will change forever. This event will shift Bill and Steffy Forrester's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) fate and everyone's future.

Bold fans agree – Bill and Steffy are awful

Scroll through some Bold and the Beautiful spoilers groups on Facebook, and you'll see lots of fans angry that Bill is out of control and frustrated that Steffy isn't loyal to Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). With She Knows Soaps spoilers revealing that Liam joins the Spectra gang for a sit-in at Spectra Fashions, the big question is why Steffy doesn't join her husband. Despite Steffy not liking Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope), she knows that Bill is doing Spectra wrong, so why not stand by Liam's side?
Bold spoilers and history show that Bill has been crafty, unethical and underhanded every step of the way with his skyscraper project. He made CJ Garrison (Christopher Graves) a dodgy offer on the property and then when CJ remained loyal to his family, Bill tried to burn the place down. That's the lowest of low and there's no defending arson as a business move. Despite Bill being clearly in the wrong, Steffy has been taking Bill's side for weeks. B&B fans noticed and voiced their outrage.

Bill goes too far as Steffy cheers him on

The end of this week and into early next week, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Bill and Steffy are furious that Liam stages a protest at the Spectra building. Bill's actions are indefensible, yet Steffy is siding with her father-in-law again and again over her husband. No matter what she thinks about Sally, there is no justification for what Bill has done in pursuit of his skyscraper. Steffy keeps choosing Bill over and over, instead of Liam, as we've seen on many recent Bold episodes.
After Bill ignores messages from Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) and pushes the boom button to take down the Spectra building, he learns Liam was still on the property. A Bold and the Beautiful rumor is running rampant on social media that Saul Feinberg Jr (Alex Wyse) might die in the explosion. However, other spoilers say this week's soap magazines show photos of the ash-covered survivors of the explosion and Saul made it out alive. We won't know until next week if Bill's evil plan killed someone.

Does Steffy deserve Liam's love?

Given how Steffy keeps choosing Bill over her husband, is she worthy of Liam's love? Recent Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and episodes reveal that Sally played dirty by stealing Forrester designs, but Steffy doesn't have clean hands when it comes to business either. Years ago, Steffy blackmailed Bill to regain control of Forrester Creations when he was targeting her family's business. Steffy might think she's a princess, but past plots show she's got a pretty wicked streak of her own deep down inside.
Recent B&B spoilers promise that after the explosion and fear that Liam was killed or grievously wounded from Bill's action, Bill and Steffy's shock and grief turns to hot sex in a moment of weakness. If anything is worse than Bill lying, tricking Liam, and committing arson, it's him bedding his son's wife. Bold is about to see a major twist because Steffy's trying to get pregnant and that means her tryst with Bill might result in a baby. What do you think? Are Steffy and Bill the bad guys in this story? Is Steffy disloyal? Will someone die? Check back soon for more The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

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