‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 115 Spoilers: Kafla Unleashes God-like Power, Defeats Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku!

The appearance of Kafla is one of the much-awaited scenes in the ongoing Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power. Caulifla and Kale of Universe 6 will be using the Potara earrings to merge and form the new super warrior. The latest DBS spoilers reveal how Kafla ranks among the strongest mortals in the World of Void.

Despite not fully recovering his stamina, Son Goku still decided to fight Caulifla and Kale, the female Saiyans from Universe 6. It’s noticeable that Son Goku is trying to bring the best out of the two Saiyans. So far, Caulifla is on her way to Super Saiyan 3 while Kale managed to control the power of a legendary Super Saiyan.

The preview for the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super featured a glimpse of the new super warrior named Kafla. Universe 6 God of Destruction Champa will play a major role in the upcoming episode, as he’s expected to teach Caulifla and Kale a secret technique. The two female Saiyans will use the Kaioshin’s Potara earrings to fuse and turn into a powerful warrior.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 titled “Goku vs Kafla! Super Saiyan Blue Is Defeated?!” will air on November 12. As stated in the title, Kafla will successfully defeat Son Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue state. Is Kafla strong enough to challenge Jiren?


According to Otakukart, Kafla is powerful enough to wake Jiren from his meditation and convince him to return to action. The Potara fusion is believed to be stronger than the normal fusion dance and has a longer duration. Defeating Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku means that the Universe 6 still has a chance to win the Tournament of Power.

However, for Dragon Ball Super fans who watched from the start, seeing Son Goku defeated by Kafla isn’t surprising at all. Recalling when Kale transformed into a Berserker Super Saiyan, she already managed to beat Super Saiyan Blue Son Goku. Kafla is the combination of Kale, who has the controlled power of a legendary Super Saiyan, and Caulifla, who gets stronger every time she fights powerful enemies.

What’s surprising in the latest Dragon Ball Super spoilers is how Son Goku manages to have enough stamina to transform into Super Saiyan Blue. The appearance of Kafla indeed makes the Tournament of Power more exciting. However, it could also be a way for Son Goku to use Ultra Instinct for the second time or achieve a more powerful transformation.

Dragon Ball Super airs every Sunday morning in Japan. The anime is available in the West through streaming services such as FunimationNow and Crunchyroll.

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