Ivanka Trump Reportedly Dubbed More Powerful Than First Lady Melania Trump

Forbes Magazine has released its rankings of the 100 Most Powerful Women of 2017, and one Trump made the list, but it wasn’t the First Lady. Instead, it is Ivanka Trump who ranks as the number 19 most powerful woman on the planet, confirming that the Senior White House Advisor plays a huge part in the current administration.

Since the list began in 2004, it is the first time that the wife of the US President did not get mentioned as one of the most influential women on the global stage. It is also the first time a First Daughter appears in the rankings.

Being one of the few women who is close to the Executive Office, Trump has officially been advising her father since March, and her influence on the administration has been the target of both praise and criticism. She is known to have less conservative views than her dad, but no one knows how much she has been able to move the President’s policies to the left.

The real estate developer and entrepreneur authored the self-help book Women Who Work earlier this year, and wrote that she is busy teaching her children about the “value of hard work and importance of family.”

Ivanka Trump Is Reportedly Married To The 'World's Worst Real Estate Developer' Jared Kushner [Featured Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Before she became a member of the administration, Ivanka Trump was a self-proclaimed women’s rights advocate and launched the Women Who Work initiative in 2014, which highlighted the lives of working American women. She was also the executive VP of the Trump organization and the co-founder of Scion, the affordable line of Trump Hotels.

She also started her own clothing line, which according to YouGov, is starting to become more popular with Democrats and Independents, but cooling off with Republicans.

Trump identifies politically as an independent and focuses on women’s issues. She joined Congressional Republicans in calling for an increase in the Child Tax Credit and was instrumental in setting aside $200 million to prioritize teaching coding to girls and minorities.

Melania Trump gives a hurricane PSA.
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Unlike her step-daughter, Melania Trump has not played a significant role in the current administration, and many are waiting for her to step up and become more influential. During the campaign, she said she would focus on the issue of bullying, but the First Lady hasn’t done much on that issue. She recently spoke out about the opioid crisis and said she is looking into what she can do to help fight the epidemic.

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