Jenelle Evans’ Halloween Efforts Receive A Pretty Hilarious Reaction

Jenelle Evans is currently keeping a low profile in her home in the country, as she has threatened to leave Teen Mom 2 behind. Jenelle has revealed that she wants respect from the producers and from MTV, as they are constantly focusing on her negative storylines. Evans deleted her Twitter account in protest so she could no longer promote Teen Mom 2. In addition, she revealed she needed a break from the spotlight and would be focusing on her children and family. Evans did focus on her family on Halloween, as she took her children trick-or-treating. She also revealed that she had helped David’s daughter Maryssa with her costume, as she wanted something different.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans reveals that she did her best to make her stepdaughter look like a unicorn. Perhaps Evans was just referring to the makeup, as she decided to give her stepdaughter two horns. She sprinkled glitter in her hair, gave her fake eyelashes, and added plenty of pink and purple hues. Maryssa is also rocking rhinestones over her eyebrows. While it is admirable that Evans is stepping up and focusing on her role as a stepmother, people had some pretty hilarious reactions as she looks nothing like a unicorn.

“Maryssa wanted to be something cute instead last night… sooo… I put together the best unicorn costume and makeup I could do!” Jenelle Evans revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of David’s daughter after she had finished the makeup, to which one person replied, “Okay so not only did she not know that UnIcorns have ONE horn. But no one else even bothered telling her either.. Did they also not know??..”

In the photo, Jenelle Evans has created two ponytail horns and Maryssa is wearing lots of glitter and sparkle. While the makeup is done well, there’s nothing to say that she’s a unicorn. Granted, it sounds like this was a last-minute Halloween effort, so it makes sense that she may not have thought about the entire outfit. Jenelle did a great job on the makeup, but fans may think that she looks more like a fairy than a unicorn. Of course, Halloween is all about dressing up and being someone you are not for a night, so hopefully, Maryssa had fun. Jenelle’s followers may be asking her to read up on what a unicorn looks like for next year.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans’ efforts to help out her stepdaughter? Do you think she should have called her a fairy instead?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]