Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Duchess Rumored To Be Expecting Twins

Kate Middleton and Prince William announced back in September, via Kensington Palace reps, that they are pregnant with their third child. However, ongoing claims are being made that Duchess Kate is actually pregnant with the royal couple’s third and fourth child, and that Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have two new siblings.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be very busy if these claims turn out to be true, and little Prince George will be a big brother to three darling sisters if additional rumors also prove to be fact. This is due to claims from a source who indicates that Kate is pregnant with two identical twin girls.

The Daily Times notes the words of the supposed source who states that “Kate and William were both shocked when they found out.” The beloved couple has already confirmed suspicions that Kate would give birth in April, and now an announcement about the gender of the baby, or babies, are greatly anticipated by royal enthusiasts.

It was reportedly Kate’s mother and sister- Carole and Pippa Middleton – who were first made aware about the expectant twins and their gender. Middleton’s mother and sister have stayed close by the beauty’s side as she has struggled with severe morning sickness. The sickness was so severe that the duchess was unable to attend events or fulfill her royal duties in recent months.

Kate has since found her way through the worst of the morning sickness and has been able to make appearances once again. However, there have been reports that Middleton is hoping to lessen the amount of royal duties she takes on, for the purpose of remaining a hands-on mom. Queen Elizabeth II would have to OK this request. Kate and William have succeeded in melding traditions of the past many centuries and their own modern way of getting things done while still maintaining a relatively “normal” life. So the couple would likely be able to coax the monarch into allowing Middleton a bit more downtime.

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As Express Tribune notes, Middleton and her Prince have been open about how wonderful the experience of parenting is.

Kate has stated,”It is fantastic having a lovely little family. Becoming a mother has been such a rewarding and wonderful experience.”

The royal family just may be expanding even more come spring and, whether Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting twins or not, their little family is sure to remain in the royal spotlight for decades to come.

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