Joy-Anna Duggar Prayed Paparazzi Wouldn’t Follow Her On Wedding Day

Joy-Anna Duggar may have convincingly played the part of a calm bride on the screen, but she had her moments of stress, friends reveal. Photographer friends of the Duggar family shared some behind-the-scenes moments of the couple from their wedding day.

Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth in May this year. The wedding was recently featured on Counting On. Jon and Jennifer Courville, who were commissioned by the Duggars to photograph the wedding, revealed that Joy-Anna Duggar was worried about Paparazzi following them. The details were put out by Jennifer Courville along with select images from a photo-shoot. The newlyweds were headed in a van for a private location for the shoot when Joy-Anna voiced her concerns.

“Joy made a comment that struck me as funny, ‘Lord, please keep the paparazzi away and that they won’t follow us!!!’ Funny, because I’ve never heard a bride pray that prayer before! In addition, I realized how differently they’ve grown up being in the public spotlight. The concerns she had would never have crossed my mind on my wedding day!”

The attention that Duggar family members garner from the press, independent photographers, and others, has been a matter of fierce debate. While many advocate privacy for the family, others say the Duggars chose to put themselves out in the public eye.

Duggar fans were given to believe that the Counting On star’s wedding was scheduled in October. A marriage registry, purportedly that of the couple, mentioned an October date. Some closely following the Duggars believed the wedding was to take place a week before May 26. Fans suspected the date was not released by the family to keep Paparazzi away.

The Courvilles also said some photographers camped outside the venue a week before the wedding but security ensured they were kept away. The official photographers had to ensure Joy and Austin stayed away from the windows, Jennifer Courville said, to prevent Paparazzi from getting pictures before TLC or People released images.

People put out the first images and story on Joy-Anna’s wedding, though it was apparent a day before that it was happening. Hours before the wedding, the Inquisitr had reported the event was likely later that day.

A two-hour special in the past season of Counting On featured the wedding. After a four-month courtship, Austin Forsyth popped the question to Joy-Anna Duggar. The couple was in a three-month engagement before they tied the knot. Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy in August, three months following her wedding. The announcement drew mixed reactions, with Duggar critics wondering if the Duggar daughter conceived before her wedding, a seemingly scandalous event for her family. The couple has not announced a due-date but fans think Joy-Anna is over 22 weeks pregnant.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]