Michael Moore Defends Piers Morgan On Twitter

Controversial documentary filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter this week to defend fellow pot-stirrer and CNN anchor Piers Morgan, who has hammered away without apology on the issue of gun control ever since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting just over two weeks ago.

Morgan has been extremely outspoken on the issue of gun control since the Newtown massacre, and has staunchly defended his perspective from a variety of critics. Even among those who agree with him, Morgan has been a polarizing figure over the past several weeks, prompting some sympathetic to the anchor to distance themselves from the politicization of the shooting, while his most vocal critics condemn him with as much noise as he himself is making.

Agree or disagree with his perspective, Morgan hasn’t let up on his position one bit, and continues to use his own Twitter account as a platform for his uncompromising opinions on gun control.

Morgan has also found himself as the unfortunate subject of several White House petitions, one of which calls for his deportation “immediately” for his “effort to undermine the Bill of rights,” while a counter-petition asks the White House to intervene to keep the CNN pundit in America because “no one in the U.K. wants him back.”

Overall, it’s very lonely being Piers Morgan right now, whether he’s merely sleeping in the bed he’s made for himself or not. Enter Michael Moore, who is no stranger to controversy himself.

The documentary filmmaker has been sitting in “I told you so” camp since the Sandy Hook shooting, pointing to his film Bowling for Columbine as a predictor for the Newtown massacre. He’s one of the few who isn’t receiving much criticism for his views on gun control, since, well, he’s held them all along.

“So sad that the host on American TV to speak out the loudest against this madness is not one of us, but a Brit,” Moore tweeted in defense of Piers Morgan.

Moore has received some kick-back for his defense of Piers Morgan, though most of his followers still agree with him.