Former NXT Tag Team Champion Johnny Gargano Uncertain About His Future With The Brand

Unfortunately, a string of losses has caused a former NXT Tag Team Champion to be uncertain about his future with the brand. Former DIY member Johnny Gargano has experienced quite a slump as of late, being unable to win matches on the NXT weekly show. Recently, he lost to WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Fabian Aichner, as well as Andrade Cien Almas. Since his split with Tommaso Ciampa, Gargano has been desperately trying to find his spot in the single’s division on NXT.

After Ciampa’s brutal attack on Gargano following their tag team match loss at NXT TakeOver: Chicago in May, Gargano has been a midcard competitor without an active prominent storyline. This is due to his former partner suffering an injury that has kept him sidelined for months. As a result, Gargano has been overlooked, and his win-loss record does not help his case.

Gargano Uncertain About His Future In NXT

Recently, after a loss on the NXT weekly show, Gargano was interviewed about his downward turn in the brand. Gargano stated that although he hears it from the fans, as they continue to give him the support that is needed to be a star in NXT, he still feels uncertain about his direction in the company.


“It was supposed to be a fresh start; a fresh start for me. But if you can’t even get started, then where do you go with it? Where do you go? I don’t know. I don’t know what happens now. Okay? Do I even belong here anymore? In here, in here, I know I do. I hear the people. Do you hear them? They believe in me, but, for what? What are they believing in? I don’t know. I don’t know what to do now. I don’t know.”


What Is The Future Of Johnny Gargano?

Of course, this interview can go one of many ways. On one hand, it could be the start of a great underdog push for Gargano, using his string of losses to propel him to a different direction with the help of the WWE Universe. It could also lead to a heel turn, due to his inability to please the fans. This is similar to one of Sami Zayn’s explanations regarding why he turned heel on SmackDown Live.

Another reason could be due to the rumors that Gargano could be heading to 205 Live and confirm the reports that WWE is beefing up the division to add more depth and intrigue from the fans. Whatever way it leads, it does seem as if Gargano is heading somewhere greater than he once was as a single’s competitor in NXT.

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