‘NCIS’ Season 15: Can The Team Trust Jack Sloane?

Maria Bello’s Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane is the newest character recently introduced in NCIS Season 15 and fans have yet to see more of her. Jack’s debut on the show, which was in the episode titled “Skeleton Crew,” was received well by NCIS fans. Some noted that she has a strong chemistry with boss Gibbs (Mark Harmon), while others are not quite sure about her.

The forensic psychologist is good at profiling but she is not only that – she also carries with her a gun and a badge and she has been that way for about 10 years, as confirmed by co-showrunner Frank Cardea, who told TVLine. The newbie is still trying to fit into the group but in the latest episode of NCIS Season 15, fans saw that a few NCIS team members are still wary around her.

Sloane’s background is still a bit shady and the team has yet to know more about her. Abby (Pauley Perrette), for one, didn’t like Sloane at the beginning. She felt worried that Jack is reading or profiling her, especially when she mentioned that Abby extremely loves Caf-Pow in NCIS Season 15 Episode 6, “Trapped.”

It took a while for Jack to meet Abby in person; she’s been stopping by the quirky forensic scientist’s lab to see her, but each time, Abby is not in sight. It turns out that Abby has been avoiding the psychologist all along. She wasn’t too pleased that Jack Sloane knew of her addiction to the fruity energy drink thinking that she did some digging on her. But when Jack reassured Abby that she’s not doing any profiling on her, Abby gives her a big hug.

Some NCIS team members don't trust Jack Sloane in NCIS Season 15
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The Gothic lady isn’t the only one who couldn’t trust Jack fully. Gibbs may think that there’s something strange about the new woman but that doesn’t mean, though, he doesn’t trust her altogether. It’s actually Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) who is suspicious of Jack and it was apparent in the latest episode of NCIS Season 15.

Reeves has done some digging on Sloane and found out about her Army record and that she was in Psychological Operations (PsyOps). While figuring out a case, Reeves returned to the victim’s apartment and saw Sloane snooping around.

Now, it seems strange why Reeves doesn’t feel comfortable having Jack around, but is he right about his feeling? Could Jack be hiding something that could jeopardize the team? Or will she ever find her place in the team? Fans should just watch NCIS Season 15 to learn more as this story unfolds.

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