Cody Nickson’s Latest Instagram Post With Jessica Graf Has ‘BB19’ Fans Shouting, ‘They’re Pregnant!’

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are one of Big Brother‘s most successful showmances of all time. The couple met while filming BB19 this past year, and have been inseparable ever since. A new photo posted by Cody online today has many fans speculating that the couple is pregnant.

Cody is one of Big Brother‘s most notorious players, known for his stone cold facial expressions and his epic eviction walkout. The Marine posted a photo with his girlfriend today at a local high school’s gym, and within minutes fans lost their minds.

Cody has his hand over Jessica’s stomach in such a way that would suggest she’s pregnant. It’s a pose most couples go for during pregnancies, and BB19 fans are assuming it’s true.

The comment section of the photo is flooded with one question over and over: “Are you guys pregnant?” Neither Cody nor Jessica has confirmed the rumor these fans have conjured up, but after the comment section blew up, it’s likely they’ll address the rumors soon.

Some fans aren’t even questioning the validity of others claims, and just offering their congratulations to the happy couple. The post has almost 200 comments in under one hour, and over 7,000 likes.

Jessica posted a photo from the same event five days ago with her hand over her stomach, but in a nonchalant way. The BB19 star was showing off her midriff in a Lake Mills Bulldogs Volleyball shirt. The couple was visiting Cody’s hometown in Iowa and dropped in on a local high school volleyball game.

At the same time Cody posted the cryptic photo today, Jessica shared an image of Cody sleeping alongside her on an airplane. Even though this photo didn’t suggest the couple’s pregnancy, fans still offered their congratulations.

Whether they are actually pregnant remains to be seen, but it’s unlikely this would be the manner they chose to announce the news. For now, fans can wait for a response from Jody.

The pair have just celebrated their four-month anniversary and appear more in love than ever.

Shortly after BB19 ended, Jessica announced she and her beau would be competing on Season 30 of The Amazing Race. The reality show began filming in early October, and will premiere in early 2018.

The couple sat down with The Hollywood Reporter before filming their second reality program. Cody didn’t seem too thrilled to be on the new show, explaining he was only doing it because Jessica wanted to.

Do you think Jessica and Cody are pregnant, and will they win The Amazing Race? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by Jessica Graf/Instagram]

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