Nene Leakes Apologetic During ‘RHOA’ Press Tour: Convinces Bravo Execs To Forgive Rape Joke?

Nene Leakes will be heading out on a promotional tour for the forthcoming series of Real Housewives of Atlanta, but it took a lot of convincing to make that happen, according to reports.

Last month, Nene Leakes made endless headlines after she told a heckler during a comedy gig that she hopes the woman gets raped by her Uber driver when she leaves, leaving fans outraged.

The scandal became so much bigger since Nene’s comments were made just a week after the Harvey Weinstein revelations, making the timing of Leakes’ supposed joke that much more offensive.

The reality star was very apologetic about her actions afterward, and she has used various social media platforms to make it known that she was saddened by her own choice of words and that she feels for anyone who was offended by what she had said.

Having already lost her position on The Great Xscape tour as the show’s comedy act, Nene Leakes reportedly also feared to lose her spot on Real Housewives.

Fortunately for the aging TV star, the producers have decided to keep her, but from what’s been gathered about the upcoming promo tour, Nene Leakes must acknowledge her wrongdoing from last month and let it be known that she is deeply sorry.

The producers of Real Housewives of Atlanta don’t want to attach themselves to a scandal, but Nene Leakes is one of the biggest characters on the show, and they are going above and beyond to make things work so that she can remain as a recurring cast member for seasons to come.

When Nene Leakes begins her interviews, Radar Online claims that the mother-of-one has been instructed to explain what happened during the incident that caused her to use a tasteless insult to belittle a heckler.

Nene Leakes will apologize in every interview if the matter is brought up, as Bravo execs don’t want any further drama coming their way regarding the matter.

Keeping Nene Leakes on their roster is a blessing for the reality star in itself, so apologizing during the promo tour is the least she can do to make things right with those who were appalled by her actions, the source concludes.

[Featured Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]