‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Miller And Burton Are Both Jason – Here’s How

General Hospital spoilers reveal the biggest shocker of all when it comes to the Jason twin twist. Both Steve Burton and Billy Miller are Jason. While this sounds crazy and improbable, this is what showrunners at GH are doing to try and appease both factions of fans. Many fans have threatened to quit watching if Steve is not Jason, whereas others threatened to stop watching if Billy isn’t Jason. Here’s how the ABC soap has made both Miller and Burton into Jason, but you must read every clue to see the truth.

1 – Susan Moore had twins, Drew and Jason Quartermaine

General Hospital character history from Soap Central reveals Susan Moore (Gail Ramsey) had twin boys. She hid one away, the one she called Drew, and the other one she kept with her that was called Jason. Susan had plans to come back for Drew as soon as she could get away from the Quartermaine influence, but then she died. So, Monica kept Jason and Betsy Frank (Deborah Strang) kept Drew.

2 – Betsy gave Drew up and Helena raised him

GH history also tells us that the Cassadines were always obsessed with wreaking havoc in Port Charles. Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) has been keeping tabs on PC for decades. Heather Webber (Robin Mattson) revealed the Q twin to Helena who grabbed him up, renamed him, and Drew grew up believing his name was Jason. Helena’s been in this plot for a long time.


3 – Helena programmed her Jason to be a killer

While one Jason was being raised in the Quartermaine home and was, by all accounts, a sweet young man, the other Jason was raised by a crazy woman who trained him to be a killer. In fact, you might say he was a “stone cold” killer. Helena programmed and tampered with him to keep his emotions hidden and made sure he had lethal skills that she hoped to use in the future.

4 – Car crash allowed Helena to swap Jasons

The car crash in 1995 when AJ Quartermaine (Sean Kanan) drove himself and his brother Jason into a tree was the perfect time for Helena to swap the Jasons. GH might even tweak history to say Helena rigged the car to make sure drunk AJ wrecked. With Jason in the hospital, it was easy for Helena to swap in her programmed Jason. Think of how easily Helena has manipulated things at the PC hospital in the past.


5 – Post-crash Jason had no memories or emotions

It was evident when Jason woke from the crash that he was not the same person. He didn’t have any memories of his life or family, and his emotions were tamped down. That’s because this was Helena’s programmed Jason. He began calling himself Jason Morgan, while Helena had the other guy, Jason Quartermaine, who was the sweet kid raised by Monica, now played by Billy Miller.

6 – Helena programmed sweet Jason to be an assassin

One of the big criticisms of GH writer Jean Passanante’s plot about Jason being on Cassadine Island as Helena’s trained killer was that Jason should have been frozen. Here’s where the twist gets good. Helena was using Jason (Miller) as her assassin from 1995 on, as soon as she got a chip into his brain, and got him programmed while the other Jason (Burton) was in Port Charles adjusting to life as Stone Cold.


7 – Jason shot in 2012 and Faison grabbed him

Helena’s schemes were well known to Cesar Faison (Anders Hove) and General Hospital fans. When Stone Cold Jason was shot in 2012, Faison fished him out of the icy water and sold him back to Helena for a hefty price. She then had both Jasons, but no one knew it but her and Faison. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) saw one Jason frozen but didn’t know about the other Jason.

8 – Jasons were swapped by Helena as needed

Jason Morgan (Burton) was shot and frozen until he healed. After he thawed out, he was sent to the clinic in Russia because Helena couldn’t control him anymore. Jason Quartermaine (Miller) was doing Helena’s dirty work, but she lost control of him too. It was Jason (Miller) at Crichton-Clark Clinic that saved Robin and headed back to Port Charles, then wound up with plastic surgery.


9 – Memories and brain injuries

Both Miller and Jason’s characters have brain injuries, so consider this. One was in the car wreck as a young adult and the other took a horrifying tumble down some concrete stairs as a child. Betsy mentioned that little Drew was severely injured. Although the traumas are different, they are close enough. As for the memories, Helena has her pal Faison, a master hypnotist, to erase and add memories.

Two Jasons – all fans should be happy

There’s a reason both Miller and Burton’s characters think they’re Jason. It’s because both are. One was Jason Quartermaine (Miller) from 1980-1995 and the other Stone Cold Jason Morgan (Burton) from 1995-2012. In the end, General Hospital fans should be thankful. Jason Morgan (Burton) that everyone adored is alive and well, and so is Sweet Jason Q (Miller) that we know now. The name “Drew” means nothing to the two Jasons.

There’s lots of love to go around and room in everyone’s lives for both Jasons. As for Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) saying on Tuesday’s General Hospital that Patient 6 “believes” that’s his family, which implied that 6 is not Jason Morgan, the fact is that Andre doesn’t know the whole story. He’s just the hired help working for the Cassadines and doesn’t know that Helena swapped them.

Anything from GH history that doesn’t align perfectly will be ignored because that’s what General Hospital does! As for who will wind up with Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco), it’s up to her, not the twins. This complicated plot will continue for a few months because both men are convinced they’re the “real” Jason, and both men are right. Check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.

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