Tom Cruise Reportedly Sets Sail To Marry New Girlfriend And Reunite With Suri Cruise ‘By Early Next Year’

In an era where paparazzi are everywhere and gossip magazines show no mercy, Tom Cruise has succeeded in maintaining the sense that he’s somewhat of a mystery. Beyond the facts of his movies and marriages, Cruise is known primarily for his affiliation with Scientology and head-turning, couch-jumping exhibition on Oprah’s talk show.

But Tom apparently hasn’t succeeded in keeping all of his private life away from scrutiny. On October 31, Life & Style published a new report that investigated precisely what Cruise has been doing, from his plans for his youngest child Suri Cruise to dating, in 2017.

Tom Cruise And Kate Holmes Pursue Parallel Secret Love Lives

More than five years have passed since Katie Holmes managed to make her getaway from Tom, taking their daughter Suri with her. While speculation has soared that the five-year milestone is what allowed Katie to get candid about her romance with Jamie Foxx, Cruise has left his Mission Impossible fans wondering whether it’s possible that Tom has been enjoying his own under-the-radar romance.

Although it’s not known whether Cruise has been following a separate set of guidelines about waiting five years before making his new girlfriend public, Tom has succeeded in keeping his dating life out of the media spotlight. However, the magazine reported that Cruise secretly has been following a parallel path to Holmes when it comes to romance undercover. Just as with Katie and Jamie, Tom reportedly has someone special. Wedding rumors are soaring, according to the publication.

“For months, Tom has been dating his former co-star Vanessa Kirby — and they may even be planning a wedding!”

The father of three went wild for Vanessa after seeing her in The Crown, according to sources cited by the magazine. Although the 29-year-old is significantly younger than the 55-year-old film star, Cruise has “flipped” for more than her acting talents, claimed one of the insiders.

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Tom Cruise, 55, Has His Eyes On Vanessa Kirby, 29 For Fourth Wife

Tom was so impressed by Kirby’s role in The Crown that he reportedly insisted on working with her. Cruise persuaded the producers of Mission: Impossible that Vanessa was an essential star for success with the sixth film in the series, according to the insider.

However, the source emphasized that Tom sees his relationship with Kirby as much more than a co-star.

“He wants to make her the next Mrs. Tom Cruise.”

If this is true, Vanessa will follow in the footsteps of Cruise’s previous wives: Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes. Those are big designer shoes to fill, but Tom reportedly has faith in the 29-year-old.

Suri Cruise 2017: Will She See Tom Cruise In Person At Last?

Cruise reportedly succeeded in his goal of adding Kirby to the cast of Mission Impossible, with the two getting along brilliantly, according to the source. Tom enjoyed “instant chemistry” with rising star, who achieved what could turn into the role that makes her a world-renowned star like Cruise, added the insider.

Tom and Vanessa seem to have somewhat of a mutual admiration society going. The source said that Cruise impressed Kirby “with his endless charm and energy,” while in turn, Tom views her as the perfect choice for his fourth wife.

Suri Cruise reportedly hasn't seen her dad Tom Cruise in years, staying close to her mom Katie Holmes.
Suri Cruise reportedly hasn't seen her dad Tom Cruise in years, staying close to her mom Katie Holmes. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Global Citizen]

The insider also discussed where Tom’s daughter Suri might fit into this picture, revealing that Cruise sees Suri as part of his new life.

“With his desire to reintroduce his estranged daughter Suri into his life [and] plan to be married…, Tom…is getting his life back where he wants it.”

Cruise has two other children. Bella is 24-years-old, and Connor is 22-years-old. But it is Suri who has gotten the spotlight because of the alleged estrangement between dad and daughter.

Suri Cruise Hasn’t Seen Tom Cruise In How Long?

However, the source insisted that Tom has set sail to change his relationship with his youngest child.

“His role as a husband and father is of the utmost importance to him,” asserted the insider. “He can’t wait to be a family man all over again.”

But the Hollywood Gossip painted a very different picture of Cruise’s relationship to Suri, making it sound doubtful that Tom will be seeing her soon.

“It doesn’t sound like Tom Cruise is going to be winning any father-of-the-year awards.”

The publication cited a source’s allegation that Katie Holmes’ 11-year-old daughter has not seen her father in more than 1,450 days. That insider claimed that Tom “rarely” even discusses Suri. And although there is speculation that at some point Cruise might make the decision to reconnect with his youngest child, this source insists that he has no such plans right now.

“Tom is all about making movies, Scientology, and a small circle of friends,” summed up the insider.

What do you think? Will Tom Cruise reconnect with Suri Cruise in 2017 and marry his fourth wife, or will he continue to focus on Scientology and films? Share your views below.

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