Sony Adds Vaio Nebula FW Laptop To "Signature Collection"

Sony loves their "limited edition" laptops and looking at the VAIO Nebula FW model it's easy to see why, they tend to be packed full of specs, offer unique designs that will make you stand out at your next business meeting and for the most part the prices offered on these "Signature Collections" are actually fairly moderate.

The Nebula packs a manageable display size of 16.4 inches, offers two Core 2 Duo processors to choose from and features the users choice of HDD or SSD memory up to 500GB, while RAM can be upgraded up to 8GB.

The base unit starts at a cost of $809.99 and for that price Sony is going to throw in a Blu-Ray drive which comes on all of the Nebula units.

If you simply can't get over the Nebula design you can still pick the unit up with the specs mentioned above in a stark black or business"ish" brown color. [Via Chip Chick]