Wendy Williams Accused Of Fake Fainting On Live TV By 50 Cent

Wendy Williams became a trending topic on Twitter after she shockingly fainted and dropped to the floor during the live broadcast of The Wendy Williams Show on October 31. Now 50 Cent is weighing in on the dramatic moment – and he’s not showing any signs of sympathy.

After Williams collapsed in her Statue of Liberty costume as the cameras rolled, 50 Cent took to social media to seemingly accuse the talk show host of faking the fall by claiming on Instagram that it “looks like bad acting.”

The “Candy Shop” rapper first took aim at Williams shortly after the broadcast by posting a screen capture of the talk show host looking dazed and confused during the Halloween special episode of her show before she stumbled backwards and fell to the floor.

He simply captioned the snap, “LOL” with a laughing emoji.

A few hours later, 50 returned to the social media site to take aim at Wendy once again, this time posting the full video of her collapsing live on her daytime talk show while seemingly accusing her of faking the whole scary ordeal.

“What is this? It just looks like bad acting to me LOL,” he hit back at Williams in the caption of the clip, noting that Wendy “said she over heated in her costume. #50centralbet.”

But the rapper certainly wasn’t done there.

Returning to Instagram again after his initial posts slamming the former radio star, he then uploaded a video meme of Wendy fainting that had been interspersed with clips of him in a movie bursting into a room before then laughing and driving away.

50 Cent posted the video alongside the caption, “When you talk s*** online and run into the person in real life” and then wrote “LMAO.”

Wendy Williams Accused Of Faking Fainting On Live TV By 50 Cent Amid Nasty Feud
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Notably, the twosome has been locked in a nasty feud for a while now and their drama boiled over once again after the rapper weighed in on the recent rumors suggesting Williams’ husband had allegedly been having a decade-long affair with a family friend.

Though Wendy denied the cheating allegations on her show in September, 50 used Instagram again to slam the star amid their feud and claimed that he believed her husband Kevin Hunter “deserves” a mistress.

“Your husband is not a bad man. He deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherf****r,” he wrote on Instagram in a lengthy and scathing attack against the talk show host. He then told her to “focus on your own s**t b***h.”

Wendy Williams Accused Of Faking Fainting On Live TV By 50 Cent Amid Nasty Feud
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Wendy hasn’t responded to 50 Cent’s latest diss regarding her collapse on live TV, though she assured fans after the show that she was now doing okay.

After a lengthy commercial break after producers rushed to her aid as she lay on the floor, Williams continued on with the show and explained that she just got too hot and passed out because she overheated in her Halloween costume combined with the hot TV lights.

After viewers continued to fret over the host’s health following the scary moment, she issued a statement on social media in which she encouraged everyone to “relax.”

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“I’m doing fine,” Wendy said of how she was recovering from her collapse, telling her followers that she “just needs some water and electrolytes” after fainting.

“On another note, I slayed and laid Halloween,” she then joked, before later sharing a video of herself relaxing at home on the couch surrounded by liquids.

The Wendy Williams Show airs weekdays.

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