‘The X-Files’ Season 11: FOX Casts Haley Joel Osment In Skinner Backstory Episode

Haley Joel Osment will be making an appearance in the forthcoming new season of The X-Files. Osment will be guest starring in the highly anticipated Season 11 episode exploring the backstory of Walter Skinner, the enigmatic boss of FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), TVLine touted.

According to the publication, Fox Network confirmed the actor has been cast in the previously-announced Skinner origin story episode, which will reportedly reveal important clues into the character’s background. However, the TV network has been stingy with the details and refused to disclose whom Osment will be portraying on the show.

This means X-Files fans will have to wait until Season 11 premieres in early 2018 to find out. Nevertheless, there is some speculation that Osment might be joining the X-Files cast as the younger version of Skinner himself. Especially considering what series’ creator Chris Carter had to say after The X-Files Season 11 trailer was released at New York Comic-Con on October 8.

At the NYCC panel, Carter revealed the backstory episode will feature Skinner as a young man, and now TVLine ventures a guess the role could go to Osment. At the same time, Empire Online has his character pegged as a possible relative of Skinner’s.

Also present at the NYCC panel, actor Mitch Pileggi, who has been playing the role of FBI assistant director Skinner ever since the series started back in 1993, said the origin episode will delve deeper into the character’s psyche and explain his motivation.

“You’re going to find out a lot more about his past. Fans will find out who he is, where he comes from and why he is the way he is.”

Osment retweeted the news about his upcoming appearance in The X-Files yesterday, and fans are already looking forward to see the former child star of The Sixth Sense in action.


Lately, Osment has been co-starring in the HBO comedy Silicon Valley. Fans will also get to see him as Dr. Stu Camillo in the sci-fi comedy Future Man, which premieres this month on Hulu.

One of the longest-running sci-fi TV shows, The X-Files will return at the beginning of next year. Season 11 is set to air in January, notes Deadline, and will comprise 10 episodes.

Apart from Osment, other guest stars in the second revival installment of the popular series include Annabeth Gish, Robbie Amell, Lauren Ambrose, and Barbara Hershey.

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