Is Jinger Duggar Vuolo Really Breaking Away From Her Family? A Friend Speaks Out

Jinger Duggar Vuolo has been known as the rebel of the family for years. Seeds were sown early on in fans’ minds when Jinger Duggar stated that she might want to live in New York City one day. Michelle, her mother, quickly corrected her and said that she likes to visit the city, but it isn’t somewhere acceptable for her daughter to live.

The reality TV star has since shocked fans by breaking away from some of her strict upbringing. Since she was a child, Jinger wasn’t allowed to wear anything but long dresses. After marrying Jeremy Vuolo and moving out of the Duggar home, she made waves for wearing pants, shorts, heels, and sleeveless dresses.

Jinger Duggar has not only boldly made some new fashion choices, but has also shared that she is interested in secular music. Although the Duggar family has encouraged all of their children to play instruments, none of them have been encouraged to listen to or lean music that wasn’t distinctly “praise” or Christian music.

Recently, Jinger Duggar posted to Instagram lyrics to a Nat King Cole song, which has had fans of the Duggar family shocked and some mildly surprised by the young woman’s willingness to listen to something other than music about Jesus.

An unverified source that claims to know the Duggar family well, conducted an AMA or “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit a few days ago. One of the top questions asked was whether or not any family members are truly rebellious or any of the children are showing signs of not wanting to be a part of the family’s religion any longer.

While there are grumblings that Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, is a Calvinist, which goes strongly against Jim Bob Duggar’s beliefs, the user answered that not even Jinger was interested in breaking away from her faith.

In fact, Jinger is still very much a fundamentalist Christian, despite her desire to wear pants and participate in secular activities. Her husband, Jeremy, has been criticized rather recently for his activities in the church that have put down the LGBTQ population as well as Catholics.

[Featured Image by Jinger Duggar Vuolo/Instagram]