The Old Vic Theater In London Has Set Up A Tipline For Complaints After Kevin Spacey Allegations

Since actor Anthony Rapp leveled sexual harassment accusations at Kevin Spacey, others are coming forward with complaints. Kevin Spacey spent over 10 years at the Old Vic Theater in London as their artistic director, and in an attempt to be proactive, The Old Vic has set up a tipline for complaints and concerns. Kevin Spacey was at The Old Vic from 2004 to 2015.

“If you have been connected with The Old Vic or in our employment and feel you have a complaint that you were unable to raise, please contact us. Any behaviour we become aware of which contravenes these goals will not be tolerated.”

Victoria Featherstone, artistic director of London’s Royal Court Theatre, was asked if she had that sense about Spacey at that time, and her response shows that rumors about Kevin Spacey have been around for years. Featherstone explained that around the theater, you hear stories about certain people from time to time.

“I think that many people in the theater and in the creative industries have been aware of many stories of many people over a lot of years, and Kevin Spacey would be one of the people that people have had concerns about, yes.”

Nadine West was part of the theater scene when Kevin Spacey was at The Old Vic. She said particularly if you were a young man, Kevin Spacey was someone to avoid.

The Old Vic reported that they were “very dismayed” by the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey, including the story that a young man was groped while working at the theater. Prior to this week, the stories of Kevin Spacey’s time at The Old Vic were the stuff of legend in a positive sense. Not only was Spacey the artistic director, but he also appeared in many of the productions. Matthew Warchus replaced Kevin Spacey as artistic director in 2015.

In addition to The Old Vic, other London theaters also put out statements touching on the stories about Kevin Spacey making the rounds. The National and The Royal Shakespeare Company are encouraging people to come forward if they have been harmed in any way, or if they know of someone who was harmed or harassed by anyone associated with the theater community.

“We salute the bravery of everyone who calls out this abusive behaviour. We support a theatre culture that empowers people to speak up: a culture where abuse of power is always challenged.”

The Old Vic turns 200 this year, and with Matthew Warchus at the helm for the 2017-2018 season, the theme for the year is new work. The official birthday for The Old Vic is May 11, 2018.

[Featured Image by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]