‘The Punisher’ On Netflix: The Cast, Release Date, And Promotional Pictures

The Punisher is about to hand down his judgment. After a long wait, Netflix is set to unveil one of its most highly anticipated new series. Ever since making his debut on Daredevil Season 2, fans have been eagerly anticipating a Punisher spin-off, as Frank Castle’s introduction on the Netflix hit made a resoundingly favorable impression among viewers.

So who is in the cast? What is the official synopsis and when is its release date? Everything you need to know about the spin-off is below.

Series background

Eventually known as The Punisher, Frank Castle’s Daredevil debut made waves as it breathed unprecedented life into the sophomore season of Netflix’s popular Marvel series. The antithesis to Matt Murdock’s philosophy as Daredevil, Frank decided to use his impressive skill-set to avenge his murdered family. So what can fans expect from the scene stealer’s solo series? Let’s dig into it.

Caution: Mild spoilers regarding The Punisher series are discussed below.

What is the official plot synopsis for The Punisher?

Per Netflix’s official media site, The Punisher will revolve around the following.

“After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. Now known throughout the city as The Punisher, he must discover the truth about injustices that affect more than his family alone.”

[Image by Nicole Rivelli/Netflix]

When does it premiere on Netflix?

The entire series will be available to start binge-watching on November 17.

Who’s starring in The Punisher?

Jon Bernthal will reprise the role he catapulted to newfound relevance in the spin-off series. Bernthal’s critically acclaimed performance as Frank Castle gave Daredevil one of its most complex characterizations, thanks to Bernthal conveying the multifaceted aspects of Frank’s identity as a husband, father, soldier, and vigilante.

Is Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) going to be featured in the series?

Yes. Matt Murdock’s former secretary turned renegade journalist will make her way onto The Punisher. If the final trailer released by Netflix is any indication, fans of Frank and Karen’s electric chemistry will be receiving quite a jolt.

Frank (Jon Bernthal) talks with Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) in an episode of 'The Punisher' on Netflix
[Image by Nicole Rivelli/Netflix]

Will Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) make an appearance?

Unfortunately, she will not. Back in April, Entertainment Weekly reported that Rosario Dawson will not reprise her popular role as Claire Temple on The Punisher. Claire was last seen in the Marvel ensemble series The Defenders.

Who else is in The Punisher cast?

Thanks to production notes released by Netflix via their media center website, we know a lot about the cast of characters set to populate the series. Westworld actor Ben Barnes will star as Billy Russo, a character from The Punisher comics. He is the founder of a private military organization known as Anvil. Having served together in the Special Forces, he and Frank became great friends.

Jason R. Moore stars as Curtis Hoyle, a friend of Frank’s who knows he is among the living when most of the world thinks he’s dead, while Ebon Moss-Bachrach portrays David “Micro” Lieberman, another character from the comics and an eventual ally of Frank’s.

When the Punisher series begins, Micro is looking for Frank in the hopes that Frank can ultimately help him reunite with his family. As an ex-NSA analyst, Micro has his own set of skills and is assumed dead by the entire world, including his family.

Playing Micro’s wife is Jaime Ray Newman. Based on the same production notes released by Netflix via their media center website, it sounds like one of Frank’s main missions in Season 1 will be trying to reunite Micro with his family.

[Image by Nicole Rivelli/Netflix]

According to those same production notes, Amber Rose Revah will star as Dinah Madani, “a highly trained, sophisticated Homeland Security agent” who has recently returned from serving in Afghanistan. Madani is an original character and she will play a major role in the series. Her partner at Homeland Security is Sam Stein (Michael Nathanson) and you can expect their world and Frank’s to collide.

Mystery characters

Daniel Webber stars as Lewis Walcott, a struggling veteran who will apparently play a crucial role in the series. Details on his character are scarce. Similarly mysterious is the role of William Rawlins (Paul Schulze), a powerful member of the CIA whose interests will connect him to Frank.

How many episodes are there?

Netflix has confirmed there will be 13 episodes. Nerdist recently decoded the meaning behind 13 tweets posted on the series’ official Twitter account in Morse code, which they concluded revealed the episode titles for each installment.

According to Nerdist, the title for the third episode is “Kandahar.” In the series’ production notes, actor Ben Barnes states that Billy and Frank were stationed in Kandahar together. Could this episode title hint at an installment focused on their relationship? Stay tuned.

What is the first episode about?

Not much is known regarding the first episode, other than its title, “3 AM.”

Who is doing the score?

According to Film Music Reporter, Tyler Bates will be producing the series’ original score. Bates sounds like a strong fit for the series. According to IMDB, his recent credits include the action films Atomic Blonde, the original John Wick, and its sequel.

Where can I watch the trailer?

You can watch the final trailer on Netflix’s official YouTube account here. Or you can watch it via the embed below.

One more time, when is the release date?

You can start watching all 13 episodes of The Punisher when it premieres November 17 on Netflix. If you would like to brush up on Frank Castle’s origin story, you can watch the second season of Daredevil, which is currently streaming on Netflix.

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