Celebrate Halloween In ‘GTA Online’ With Bonuses On Select Modes, Discounts On Returning Items

For one day only, players can earn double experience and cash from a few different modes in GTA Online. Players can celebrate Halloween in the multiplayer option for Grand Theft Auto V by participating in thrilling PvP Adversary Modes. Returning Halloween items are also back for a limited time, and they are on sale until November 6.

Select Adversary Modes are worth more for Halloween. This includes the Beast vs Slasher, the Come Out to Play, the Lost vs Damned, and the Slasher modes. These matches offer double RP and GTA cash for today only in celebration of Halloween. The Inferno Transform Race featuring the new Vigilante Super car is also worth more experience and cash. The Halloween Playlist will remain available in GTA Online until November 6 according to the Rockstar Games website.

Players can save 25 percent off the normal cost on Halloween items in GTA Online right now, too. Items like the Duke O’Death car, the Fränken Stange, the LCC Sanctus motorcycle, and the Lurcher are discounted until November 6. Not to mention, the bonuses to the Condemned Adversary Mode and Smuggler’s Sell Missions are still ongoing. Players can also earn more cash by being bodyguards or associates until next week as well.

GTA Online Halloween items and playlist live
Halloween items are on sale right now. [Image by Rockstar Games]

GTA Online players need to log in before November 6 for these bonuses and extra cash. Logging in before November 6 entitles players to $400,000 in GTA cash the next week. Players’ free money will be credited to their in-game Maze Bank accounts after November 6 but before November 13 as the Inquisitr reported.

The new Western Seabreeze aircraft and other bonuses are available this week as well. The new amphibious plane can be purchased from the Elitás Travel website for $1.1 million. Completing the associated missions will lower the cost of the plane to just $850,000. Players can also enjoy 25 percent off all melee weapons and a number of vehicles.

The Grotti Cheetah Classic, the Progen GP1, and a few other vehicles are discounted until next week. Players can save 25 percent off both the “Buy it Now” price and the trade price for the Nagasaki Blazer Aqua and the HVY Insurgent off-road vehicles in GTA Online.

[Featured Image by Rockstar Games]