Henry Cavill Talks About The Struggles Of The DCEU And How ‘Wonder Woman’ Is Fixing Things

The DC Extended Universe has dealt with its fair share of struggles since its inception. While these struggles have certainly been discussed by fans on social media and even by the media itself, people within the DCEU have been less than forthcoming when talking about these problems. Henry Cavill, who plays Superman, has decided to get candid about the issues that the movies have dealt with, and how he feels that Wonder Woman is helping to turn things around.

According to ComicBook, in a new interview, Henry Cavill talked about how the DCEU is trying to fix things moving forward and what the goals are when it comes to telling superhero stories. Of course, the actor also explained that even though they are trying to be different than Marvel and even past DC movies, this does not mean that they will not have to make adjustments at times in order to give fans what they want.

Henry Cavill said that he believes that “even if Marvel didn’t exist, we’d struggle,” because he feels that the DCEU was going for a specific style of movie in an effort to be different and approach stories with a new perspective. However, the Superman actor said that he does not believe it has worked, which means things need to change.

Although Henry Cavill did acknowledge the fact that the DCEU movies have been able to turn a profit, he pointed out that this is not the only goal when it comes to making these films. Cavill said that while the movies have made money for the studio, they have not been what one would consider a “critical success.” The actor said he did not believe that the movies have been able to give audiences the “sensation which superheroes should” be giving to the fans.

While Henry Cavill’s own movies as part of the DCEU have been profitable, they have also received mix reactions from not only the critics but also from the audiences themselves. At the same time, Cavill does believe that Wonder Woman has a chance to turn things around. The actor said that he thinks that moving forward, the DCEU is going to be able to fix the mistakes they have made in the past and “start telling the stories in the way they need to be told.” Not only does he think that Wonder Woman is a “step in the right direction,” but he really believes that having the chance to “come back” from the DCEU’s mistakes will allow future movies to be much stronger.

Of course, while Henry Cavill wants to see the DCEU succeed, he did make it clear he had ulterior motives. He shared that any success that they experience in terms of superhero movies, especially within the DCEU means that he will get the chance “to keep telling the Superman story.”

Fans of the DCEU and Henry Cavill have also weighed in on social media, and many agree with the actor about how things need to change in order to offer audiences the movies they want to see. Some even said that he had every right to “complain” since the studio has not been able to give him a story he can really do justice to when it comes to playing Superman. Others asked that people simply respect what he had to say because it is “his opinion,” which he has the right to express.


With Justice League set to hit theaters as of November 17, audiences are hoping that things start changing within the DCEU, particularly on the heels of Wonder Woman‘s success earlier this year. While Henry Cavill believes change is necessary in order to do more than just turn a profit with these movies, Justice League will be the first opportunity to see if the studio can tell the superhero stories fans seem to want.

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]