Former Cricket Commentator Tony Greig Dies From Heart Attack

Former cricket commentator and England captain Tony Greig has died at the age of 66.

Hospital officials announced that Greig passed away after suffering from a heart attack on Saturday at home.

The former commentator was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, but it appears that the diagnosis had not effect on his cause of death, reports The Wall Street Journal.

David Faktort, a spokesman for St. Vincent’s Hospital where Greig was taken, stated that “he was rushed into St. Vincent’s hospital. The staff of the emergency department worked on Mr. Greig to no avail.”

The former commentator was diagnosed with the cancer in October after feeling sick for several months. Doctors initially diagnosed him with bronchitis in May, but the problem did not fix itself. He had fluid removed from his right lung in October after returning to Australia. At that time, they discovered a tumor.

The Guardian notes that Tony Greig played 58 Tests for England between 1972 and 1977. He lead in four before he gave up the team’s captaincy to join the breakaway World Series started by Kerry Packer.

Following news of Tony Greig’s death, tributes poured in from all over the world. Channel Nine, whom Greig worked with throughout his commentating career, released a statement saying:

“Tony Greig is a name synonymous with Australian cricket — from his playing days as the English captain we loved to hate, to his senior role in the revolution of World Series Cricket, his infamous car keys in the pitch reports and more than three decades of colorful and expert commentary.”

Tony Greig’s death means the passing of a legend in the world of cricket.