New iOS 11 Feature On iPhone Stealthily Scans For 'Naughty,' Cleavage' Pictures, Prompts 'Fappening' Fears

Apparently, Apple's iOS 11 operating system has a "creepy" feature that searches for all your "naughty" cleavage pictures, which is prompting privacy concerns in the wake of the "Fappening."

Many tablet and smartphone users often grow weary of iOS updates for devices in the Apple ecosystem. Others simply wait on the sidelines just until the occasional bugs come along and are nixed by engineers. Still, there are others who stumble across an obscure feature that causes privacy alarms.

And based on a new report, some were taken by surprise with iOS 11 that ostensibly has an intuitive algorithm that is robust enough to sort image files using "object recognition." However, some were taken aback when they learned the program also probes for NSFW pictures -- particularly the cleavage selfies, as Daily Dot reported.

Several savvy Twitter users honed in on a new "Memories" category named "brassiere" (bra, for short) that is smart enough to sort your lewd pictures into an NSFW folder. However, some think of it more as "invasive" and fear Apple may be harvesting the data and storing it without user permission.

Reportedly, there's a brighter side to the alleged iOS 11 news. Users need not fear because the Apple program operates "locally." This simply means that any risqué images found on your device remain there and are not stored on iCloud servers.

Information suggests Apple designed the iOS 11 feature to offer more control to the user. Moreover, engineers had convenience in mind when the featured was implemented in the latest operating system update. Device users have the ability to view similar images that are housed in a single folder.

Apple uses a library of over 4,400 category keywords and phrases to help populate pictures in appropriate folders. Recall the "glitch" fears mentioned above? According to the Daily Dot's reporting, the program is full of bugs.
"Many users went on social media to show off what they found in their folder. Results range from swimsuit photos to images that were much less appropriate. Others were just way off the mark."

Smart device users have reason to be concerned about operating system updates and other vulnerable features that have the potential to expose a person's private data and lives.

In recent years, the so-called "Fappening" caused a massive uproar in Hollywood as celebrities found their private pictures leaked online due to an iCloud hack. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Lindsey Vonn, Tiger Woods, and others learned that their "personal photos and videos allegedly belonging to them have been splashed across the internet."

If it's any consolation, the naughty pictures sorting feature is not limited to Apple's iOS 11. Sources learned that Android users have a similar feature in their devices that is reportedly "more upfront."

[Featured Image by Dean Drobot/Shutterstock]