Tom Cruise 'Furious' Over Latest Film 'Attacking' Scientology

Tom Cruise has made waves for his devout faith in Scientology -- a faith which is said to have contributed to the demise of both his marriages. The notable action star is even rumored to have cut ties entirely with his youngest daughter, Suri Cruise, who is being raised by her star mother and Tom's ex, Katie Holmes, as the Daily Beast reminds. Scientology is reportedly behind this decision.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise parted ways back in 2012, and rumors swirled at the time that Holmes was responsible for ending the marriage, calling Tom while the star was on-set and telling him that it was over. Reports were made that the sudden decision by the Dawson's Creek star to split from Cruise had to do with Tom's intentions to send their daughter away to a school run by Scientologists.

It is clear that Tom's faith in Scientology is intense, and recent rumors regarding the actor's furious response to a new film that is believed to be an attack on the church make this even more evident.

Cruise is rumored to have a number of "handlers," and the Scientology reps, as well as the star, are said to be "freaking out over" The Empty Man-- a new Fox thriller that is supposedly a "takedown" of the faith, as Radar relays.

The thriller focuses on a group who attempt to summon up the supernatural, which may be responsible for mysterious disappearances in a small town in the Midwest.

A supposed insider shares details as to why the film is troubling to those who practice Scientology.

"As far as Tom and his Scientology friends are concerned, the movie's use of a Scientology-like self-improvement system and spiritual organization really crosses a line. (The) murder and missing persons story is nothing short of fear mongering."
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What is most troubling to Tom Cruise is that apparently some of his closest friends in the world of entertainment are behind the making of the film. The star is reportedly tired of seeing Scientology used as "a punchline" when it comes to scary films and thrillers.

Tom Cruise has been a devout member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years now and has become the most famous member as the actor's onscreen prominence has become more frequent and his work in film has become more respected.

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