Skeleton In 'Make America Great Again' Hat Talking To Trump Becomes A Metaphor: People Caption The Viral Photo

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are the subjects of plenty of controversy on Tuesday, October 31, one day after Mr. and Mrs. Trump handed out cookies to children of local military families in the D.C. area. Melania donned a $3,290 camel wool coat for the Halloween event at the South Lawn of the White House, but it was the skeleton in a "Make America Great Again" hat that was photographed speaking with Trump that has gotten plenty of attention online.

The Jezebel article titled "Here, Caption These Scary-A** White House Halloween Photos" asked readers to take a look at several photos from the day, including the photos of Trump speaking with the child dressed as a skeleton. Plenty of those responses can be read below, with a common theme in the captions featuring the foreboding nature of Trump speaking with a symbol of death on the same day that has been dubbed "Indictment Monday."

On Facebook, a search for the phrase "skeleton Trump" results in some people writing their thoughts about "a skeleton discovered in Trump's White House on Halloween" and the irony of a death figure topping off his Halloween costume with a "Make America Great Again" hat.

Trump talks to a skeleton in a MAGA hat.
[Image by Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Images]

As seen in the following quotes about the kid in the skeleton costume, who was photographed speaking with Trump, some viewers assumed it was a boy, and the assumption was made that the boy was Barron Trump. However, there is no readily verifiable proof that Barron dressed up as a skeleton on Halloween's Eve, with no photo captions or news reports stating as such. The height of the skeleton doesn't seem to match up with Barron's height, which nearly reaches that of his father's height in other recent photos of Barron and Trump together.

Nevertheless, folks on Twitter and beyond have a lot to say about the skeleton in the MAGA hat, adding their own quips about what the skeleton could have discussed with Trump. One joked about Trump telling the skeleton that he or she didn't have a weight problem, such as Trump recently told a little girl in the White House.

Others imagined that the skeleton was Kellyanne Conway. Read the comments about the skeleton below.

"Is it me or should you quiet steal the hat off the skeleton?"

"You cut off my SNAP benefits and my health insurance and I'm only bones now. But hey, you made America great again!"

"Ever read Poe's the Masque of the Red Death? Perhaps Terry Pratchett's Death would have a sense of humor."

"That kid doesn't have a weight problem right?"

"Don't pay any attention to the FAKE NEWS, I'm keeping my promise to give cheaper, more EFFICIENT healthcare to all my supporters!!! MAGA!!!"

"Death: 'See that over there? That is the portal that will take you to God and you will rule the Universe.'"

"Scariest thing - Kellyanne appearing as herself."

"Anyone else see the irony of a skeleton wearing a MAGA hat? Lol."

"The skeleton of 'MAGA,' all that will be left after daddy's in jail."

"Okay, the skeleton with the MAGA hat is just ironic poetry in motion. And must know it. Like her greatest dream come true."

"A skeleton in a maga hat to signify all of us after the nuclear winter."

"The skeleton represents an American who lost his healthcare cuz of the GOP, died, and is still a Trump supporter."

[Featured Image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images]