Johnny Depp's Ex Amber Heard Avoiding Deposition Over Film That Allegedly Contributed To End Of Marriage

Jessica Dafoe

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard finalized their divorce months ago, yet, despite the tumultuous times leading up to the split and divorce, the drama has not halted for either star.

While Depp continues to be enveloped in various court battles over his financial difficulties, during which the star has sued his former management team for alleged mismanagement of his fortune, as well as his former legal team, who Depp now accuses of conspiring with TMG execs to commit fraudulent activity, Heard continues to be ensnared in her own legal drama.

Amber Heard's drama consists of the ongoing troubles with the yet-to-be-released film in which she stars, London Fields. The actress is being sued by film execs for "breaching contract and committing tortious interference in her alleged efforts to undermine the troubled film," the Hollywood Reporter reports.

Heard reportedly did not follow through on services agreed upon within her contract, including attending the Toronto International Film Festival, which Heard failed to do. Additionally, Amber is said to have "conspired with director Mathew Cullen," who was not happy with the final cut of the film.

The litigation against Heard has even gone so far to link Johnny Depp with the film's struggles, seeing as the actor was apparently "jealous and contributed to the film's behind-the-scenes strife by pressuring Heard to pull support of provocative scenes."

Metro reports that Heard fired back with a counterclaim citing sexploitation, due to scenes of a body double being shot in provocative scenes in violation of her contract.

The case has dragged on, and Christopher Hanley, the film's producer and plaintiff, is becoming frustrated with the stalling that seems to be ongoing. Hanley has most recently accused Heard of "evading" deposition, seeing as the beauty replaced her legal team entirely in past weeks, which has meant that more time has been needed to get the professionals up to speed.

Amber Heard has also reportedly made excuses as to why she has failed to appear for deposition, which was noticed as far back as March. Amber has claimed that her schedule is too busy and has postponed dates, as she has not agreed to new dates for any testimony to be given under oath.

"Thus, it has become clear that Heard will not make herself available unless ordered to do so by this Court," stated Hanley's attorney, Mathew Rosengart.

The producer has now demanded to be paid $70,000 in sanctions for the delay in the case and constant rescheduling and for "evading deposition."

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