Prince Harry Reportedly In Royal War With Camilla Parker Bowles For 'Sabotaging' Meghan Markle Wedding

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have baffled royal observers by the delay in announcing their highly anticipated engagement. But a new report is hinting at a possible reason for that delay, pointing to the prince's stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles, as the source of Harry's alleged romance problems.

Prince Harry Stages Royal Showdown With Meddling Stepmother

Camilla allegedly has "sabotaged" the prince's wedding plans, an insider told New Idea. Harry reportedly is furious at his stepmother, and the source claims that the prince is staging a royal showdown with Parker Bowles so that he can achieve his dream of tying the knot with Meghan.
"In a shocking new royal bombshell, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall has been slammed for 'sabotaging' Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle."
Insiders at the palace have revealed to New Idea that the royal atmosphere is tense in the wake of the rumored royal showdown between Harry and Parker Bowles. The prince reportedly staged a confrontation with his stepmother in which he allegedly issued "a string of accusations."

Because of Camilla's rumored "constant meddling," the sources claim that Harry has been forced to postpone his engagement to Markle until late December. And it's not just the prince who reportedly has been affected by Parker Bowles.

Meghan Markle Wedding Plans Ruined?

The insiders also claim that Camilla has forced more than a dozen key staff members to submit their resignations from Buckingham Palace. Those resignations reportedly have destroyed Harry's and Meghan's wedding preparations.

Prince Harry reportedly is furious at Camilla Parker Bowles for
Prince Harry reportedly is furious at Camilla Parker Bowles for "sabotaging" his Meghan Markle wedding plans. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation]

As a result of these concerns, the prince reportedly felt he had no choice but to confront his stepmother.

"The scandals have forced Harry to tell Camilla to back off, demanding she end her attempts to sabotage their nuptials."
One of the palace insiders revealed that the prince established battle lines. Harry reportedly is determined not to allow his stepmother to destroy his wedding plans.

Prince Harry Begins Battle For Meghan Markle's Romantic Future

The insider said that the prince wants to get married as soon as possible, and he is blaming Camilla for the delay. But Parker Bowles' influence reportedly has been so negative that Harry decided it was time to battle.

"Harry is simply not going to put up with Camilla treating his bride or his relationship with anything other than respect," explained the palace source.

"All Harry wants to do is get on with married life with Meghan, but all these obstacles keep on popping up and he feels Camilla is to blame."
Another insider described the palace as "in turmoil," with the atmosphere "getting steadily worse." It is Parker Bowles who is getting all the blame, according to the source. Camilla reportedly calls on the staff "24/7" without regard for what William, Kate Middleton, and Harry have planned.

Queen Reacts To Camilla Parker Bowles' Sabotage

The publication reported that even the Queen has reacted to Parker Bowles by agreeing to delay the wedding.
"As a result of Camilla's sabotage, the Queen reportedly met with Harry and Meghan last week, asking them to look at wedding dates in early 2018."
The Queen also reportedly is anxious about Meghan's sister Samantha, who reportedly has caused another delay because of the book that she is writing about Markle.

"No one wants any skeletons coming out of Meghan's closet so close to a wedding announcement," pointed out the insider. "The Queen is very nervous."

Prince Harry Finally Confronts Stepmother

Yahoo also reported that Prince Harry is very upset with his stepmother, quoting a source who described the prince as "livid" with Parker Bowles for delaying his engagement announcement. But there reportedly is one positive side to Harry's alleged confrontation with Camilla.

Although the prince reportedly is "fuming" about Parker Bowles and blaming her for the postponed engagement, he allegedly feels good about confronting her.

"This is the first time he's really gone head-to-head with Camilla since his mother's death, and it felt good to finally stand up for himself," said one royal insider.

Meghan reportedly has met Camilla. Markle was caught "completely off guard" by the alleged hostility exhibited by Parker Bowles, according to the source.

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