Jinger Duggar Shocks Fans By Showing Her Love For Jeremy Vuolo With Secular Song Lyrics

Jinger Duggar recently quoted a popular love song on social media, and her romantic reference surprised a few of her Instagram followers. This is because the lyrics she shared lacked any mention of her love of the Lord. Instead of praising God, she used the words of a legendary musician to let her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, know that he's the only one she sees.

As reported by Romper, Jinger has already defined herself as the Duggar version of a "wild child" by wearing pants and shorts, marrying a man who has a tattoo, and remaining pregnancy-free during her first year of marriage. Every time the Counting On star does something to demonstrate that she's living her life differently than the rest of her family, there's a certain faction of Duggar fans that freak out over her actions. She managed to surprise them yet again on Monday when she shared a black and white Instagram snapshot of herself and her husband. It was captioned with a few lyrics from "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole.

In the affectionate image, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are sharing a smooch in front of a backdrop of greenery, and Jinger is wearing an outfit that would meet her family's strict modesty standards. Instead of rocking the skinny jeans that so many of her fans love seeing her in, she's wearing a knee-length skirt paired with a striped shirt and high-heeled booties. According to the Duggar daughter, she broke her family's tradition of searching for thrift store finds by purchasing the skirt new at Forever 21.

While some of Jinger Duggar's Instagram followers were focused on her fashion choices, others remarked on the love song that she chose to quote. They were astonished to learn that she knows the lyrics to a tune that is not a hymn or gospel song.

"A song other then church music? Jinger u rebel!!" wrote one fan.

"Gasp you've heard of this song?" another asked.

Jinger did not respond to questions about where she heard the Nat King Cole song, but it's doubtful that it was something she listened to growing up in the Duggar household. During an episode of 19 Kids and Counting, her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, revealed that they keep their kids so sheltered from secular music that some of them don't even know who The Beatles are. This is because the Duggar kids are only allowed to listen to gospel and classical music until they get married and move out.

However, Jeremy Vuolo was clearly exposed to a wider variety of musical styles before he married Jinger Duggar. He has also used song lyrics to express his love for his other half, and the band that he chose to quote raised a few eyebrows.

"I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you," reads the caption of one of his recent Instagram posts.

As many of Jeremy's followers pointed out, this line comes from "The Luckiest," a Ben Folds Five song. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether Jeremy has introduced Jinger Duggar to alternative rock or whether she's completely clueless about the origin of her husband's romantic words.

[Featured Image by Jinger Vuolo/Instagram]