Three More Huge WWE Legends Returning For 25th Anniversary Of 'Monday Night Raw'

This January, Monday Night Raw will celebrate its 25th anniversary inside the Barclays Center and Manhattan Center for one of the biggest nights in WWE history. Not only is this edition of Raw serve as the go-home show before the WWE Royal Rumble, but there'll be surprises and moments to celebrate two and a half decades of WWE's flagship show. Thus far, some huge WWE Legends have already been confirmed.

It's been announced that The Undertaker will be making his first appearance on WWE programming since his "retirement" at WrestleMania 33. The Deadman may finally put to rest the rumors regarding his WWE future. Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash are also confirmed for appearances during the show, but those are just the first few names that have been mentioned for major returns to WWE programming for the event.

It has been reported that WWE Hall of Famers Bret Hart, Mick Foley, and Ric Flair are all advertised for an appearance during the show. The WWE Universe will be thrilled to see each man for different reasons. The interesting dynamic is the show will give each of them a special moment and return to Monday Night Raw because a lot has changed since The Hitman, The Hardcore Legend, and The Nature Boy appeared on Raw.

Ric Flair Bret Hart and Mick Foley Are All Expected To Return To WWE Television In January
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For instance, Bret Hart hasn't appeared on the show for over four years despite being involved with Natalya on WWE PPVs or on NXT television. Last year, The Hitman successfully battled prostate cancer, but he has not appeared on Raw since then and the WWE Universe will be honored to welcome him. The same can be said for Ric Flair, who publicly fought his own serious health issues just a few months ago. For a brief time, many people though The Nature Boy was on his way out. He will be receiving a huge ovation from the fans.

Mick Foley is almost a year removed from his run as the General Manager of Raw. His last appearance on the show was back in March when he was fired from the role by Stephanie McMahon and replaced by Kurt Angle after WrestleMania 33. The Hardcore Legend has a huge rapport with the WWE Universe and they'll be just as happy to see him back on Raw. Each man will bring something different, but they are likely to be only three of the several WWE Legends who will make Raw's 25th anniversary something special.

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