‘Far Cry 5’ Co-Op Has No Random Matchmaking, A Distance Tether, And Only Hosts Advance Their Story Progression

As players work to take out an oppressive cult in Montana, they can call on several NPCs and even their own friends to aid them in Far Cry 5. The upcoming first-person shooter releases on February 27 with a campaign that can be fully completed in co-op. Today, publisher and developer Ubisoft detailed the co-op system with a new trailer and helpful FAQ sheet.

In addition to Fangs and Guns for Hire in Far Cry 5, players can invite a friend to their game world with the Friend for Hire system. Hosts can only invite players on their friends list since there is no random matchmaking. The entire co-op feature can be disabled, too, if players want to experience Far Cry 5 solo. When players join together to play Far Cry 5 in co-op, the entire world is ready for them to explore.

Although the entire game can be played in co-op, only the host makes and saves campaign progress when playing in co-op. Only a host can start missions and command NPCs according to the Ubisoft Blog. When a player summons a Friend for Hire, the pair play in the host’s world state advancing the host’s World Progression. Only the host’s missions advance, but the guest keeps any Player Progression made.

Players can fill out their team with animals like this cougar. [Image by Ubisoft]

Player Progression includes any experience the character earns, any currency they collect, and any items they find. Challenges completed and items purchased from the shop are also retained and carried back to the guest’s own world state as noted on the Far Cry 5 co-op FAQ. A guest’s campaign, or World Progression, is unaffected when they are a Friend for Hire, though.

While playing in co-op, allies must stay relatively close together. If two players get too far apart, one of them will be moved to their partner. The world is unchanged from the single-player experience, though. NPCs act the same in co-op as they do in the single-player option and all activities are available to players in co-op. Players can also give each other ammo and Medkits as needed.

As the Inquisitr reported, players can create their character and custom their appearance in the FPS. When a player includes a Friend for Hire in their game, the guest will get to play their own customized character. Check out the new co-op trailer on YouTube for a glimpse at the game’s co-op. The co-op system in Far Cry 5 even utilizes friendly fire if players choose to enable it.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]

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