October 30, 2017
More Sexual Assault Allegations Are Being Leveled At Kevin Spacey

More sexual assault allegations are being leveled at Kevin Spacey, and social media is blowing up with not just criticism at his reaction to suggestions that he sexually harassed others, but at alleged other events and accusations from Spacey's past. The waves of stories suggesting improper sexual behavior started when actor Anthony Rapp revealed that back when Rapp was 14, Kevin Spacey was "sexually aggressive towards him." Now a television anchor is saying that Spacey sexually assaulted one of her loved ones, and another claims that Spacey assaulted a young man she knew when working in London.

With the Harvey Weinstein stories coming out, the stage is set, so to speak, for those who claim to be victims of celebrities to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Actress Rose McGowan, one of Weinstein's accusers has now come out to speak candidly as part of the #metoo movement and is emboldening others to speak their truth. McGowan is also speaking out against alleged aggressors including James Toback, Amazon Studios executive Roy Price, and now Kevin Spacey on Twitter and other social media. Rose McGowan posted on Twitter that Kevin Spacey and his career are done.

"Bye bye, Spacey goodbye, it's your turn to cry, that's why we've gotta say goodbye. #ROSEARMY."

Kevin Spacey is getting it from all sides as he is also being criticized for choosing this time to come out and admit that he is a homosexual. But beyond that, the people coming out to say that they had been sexually harassed or assaulted by Spacey are not only young men. Heather Unruh, a former Channel 5 anchor in Boston, tweeted a message to actor Anthony Rapp, "You are not alone."

Two weeks ago when the news of the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit, Unruh tweeted a cryptic message about Kevin Spacey.

"The #weinsteinscandal has emboldened me– #truth time. I was a Kevin Spacey fan until he assaulted a loved one. Time the dominoes fell."
Unruh told a story that a "loved one," a woman, who met Spacey last summer in a Boston restaurant, where he allegedly "plied her with booze" and touched her inappropriately under the table. When Spacey went to the restroom, another woman who was watching Spacey touching Unruh's loved one, told the woman to get up and run. Unruh says she can't imagine what might have happened if the woman in the restaurant hadn't intervened.
"My loved one is brave for wanting to say something. She was advised to say something with all these people coming out against Harvey Weinstein, people talking about these types of incidents."
Another person today tweeted that their young male friend was groped by Kevin Spacey when Spacey served as artistic director at the Old Vic in England. Victoria Featherstone, artistic director of London's Royal Court Theatre, was asked if she had that sense about Spacey at that time, and her response shows that rumors about Kevin Spacey have been around for years.
"I think that many people in the theater and in the creative industries have been aware of many stories of many people over a lot of years, and Kevin Spacey would be one of the people that people have had concerns about, yes."
Nadine West was the woman who said that her young male friend had been groped.
"[Kevin Spacey] was apparently always known as one to avoid. Sadly unsurprised."


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Others who know Kevin Spacey or have worked with him say that there are more stories, and it's just a matter of when and if they come out. Jennie Rigg-Ormortis‏ says she has heard these stories from more than one source.

"Have heard similar from more than one source. Hope more people come forward, but understand if they feel they can't."
Do you believe the stories about Kevin Spacey? Do you think more sexual harassment stories about Spacey will surface?

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