Three New Italian Restaurants Are Coming To Disney Springs This Winter

Over the last couple of years, Disney Springs has transformed nicely from Downtown Disney, but the growth and expansion are far from over. Guests will be able to enjoy three brand new modern Italian restaurants starting this summer when they find their home in Disney Springs. The Patina Restaurant Group is becoming a huge player at Disney, and these new restaurants are bringing even more great options to the Walt Disney World shopping district.

On Monday, the Disney Parks Blog introduced everyone to the locations that are set to open this winter in Disney Springs. They will be a part of an “Industrial Gothic” style complex that is going to be located adjacent to the Edison, which is yet another new dining location set to open soon.

The best thing about these new locations is that they will bring forth three great ways for guests to enjoy some fantastic Italian food. Not only will there be a table-service restaurant, but it will also feature a bar and a quick-service pizza option.

Maria & Enzo’s will be the table-service option modeled after old-school Italy and set in an abandoned airline terminal from the ’30s. It will be an “open and airy” restaurant that will bring forth steaks, chops, fresh fish, and a number of incredible Italian dishes, including the following.

  • ‘Ncasiata al Forno – Sicilian baked pasta
  • Melanzane Parmigiana – eggplant parmesan
  • Busiate con Granchio – spiral pasta with crab

Up next is Pizza Ponte, which is a new quick-service or “fast casual” location that will serve a variety of different items. Pizza Ponte will offer up pizza, Italian sandwiches, espresso, and different pastries, as well as the following items.

  • Tirangolo – stuffed pizza bread
  • Pizza al Taglio – Sicilian-style pizza by the slice
  • Porchetta – roast pork
  • Sfoglia di Riso – pastry with rice cream
  • Tiramisu
  • Bombolini – Italian donuts

The third location is Enzo’s Hideaway, which will be a speakeasy bar inspired by “Roman aperitivo bars.” It will join up to Maria & Enzo’s and serve Prohibition-era cocktails at a Tunnel Bar, and it will also have a casual menu with some dishes to go with your drinks.

There isn’t an exact date set for the opening of Maria & Enzo’s, Pizza Ponte, or Enzo’s Hideaway, but Disney is saying they will be ready to serve guests this winter. There are so many great new locations that have opened in Disney Springs over the last two years, but there are more to come. A lot of construction is happening all around Walt Disney World, but it’s all going to bring about new attractions, new dining locations, and more for all to enjoy.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]