Kirk Head Grabs Dodgers Home Run Baseball Out Of Sister-In-Law's Hand, Throws It Back, Twitter Hates Him

Yasiel Puig of the Los Angeles Dodgers can be seen licking his bat in the attached photo. Puig performed the odd motion during the fourth inning of Game 5 of the World Series, when the Dodgers went up against the Houston Astros on Sunday, October 29, in Houston. Perhaps it was that bit of saliva that assisted Yasiel in hitting a home run that brought in two runs during the beginning of the ninth inning, which helped propel the Dodgers into a 12-11 lead against the Astros at that point.

But it's the action taken by Kirk Head, who can be seen in the below video ripping the home run baseball out of his sister-in-law Sarah Head's hands, that has Twitter on fire with anger. According to the Houston Chronicle, Yasiel hit the home run into the stands, and Sarah can be seen holding the ball and celebrating the fact that the ball was in her hands. However, Kirk would soon enough grab the baseball out of Sarah's hand and throw it back onto the field, following a long-held tradition that claims holding onto the home run ball of the opposing team is bad luck. Twitter is not happy about Kirk's actions.

The fact that Kirk reached past his brother to snatch the ball out of his sister-in-law's hands to immediately throw it back on the field is getting a variety of responses on social media, as seen in the below Twitter Moment dedicated to the melee. Sarah said that she knew about the Minute Maid Park tradition that encourages all home run balls from the visiting team be thrown onto the field, like so much refuse.

However, Sarah stated that it would have been nice for her to throw the ball back onto the field herself. Meanwhile, Kirk has claimed he wasn't patient enough to wait for Sarah to throw the ball back onto the field, therefore Kirk literally took matters into his own hands and threw the ball back so the Astros wouldn't blow any more of their lead. Twitter isn't happy with the way Kirk has seemingly treated his sister-in-law like a child unfamiliar with baseball traditions.

"It's bad karma to keep it. You've got to throw it back. I was just making sure she did."
The Houston Astros now lead the MLB World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2.

A woman had a home run ball snatched out of her hands.
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