‘Dancing With The Stars’ Injury: Lindsey Stirling Hurt, Will Her ‘DWTS’ Journey With Mark Ballas End Early?

Season 25 Dancing with the Stars fans of Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling are holding their breath as they wait for news regarding a rib injury that sent the DWTS contestant to the hospital on Sunday. Mark and Lindsey have charmed viewers since their debut together this fall, and people are hoping that this injury won’t force “Team STARK” out of the competition early. What’s the scoop?

TMZ reports that Lindsey Stirling’s injury came Sunday during Dancing with the Stars rehearsals with partner Mark Ballas. The site details that Stirling hurt her rib during a rapid move with Ballas, and apparently she was in immense pain as she was rushed to the hospital. The DWTS contestant seemingly got a blunt rib injury and has a possible separation, and the duo looked seriously deflated as they talked on-camera about the injury.

As DWTS pro Mark points out, this is a horrible and critical time to get an injury like this. The Dancing with the Stars pair needs to be able to perform Monday night, or they face the possibility that they might need to drop out of the competition. Lindsey noted that she has pushed, pushed, and pushed to make it through the competition, all while she has been rehearsing for her tour too. She worries, however, that she may have pushed too far and now might have to see her journey end early.

Mark and Lindsey have been having a blast together this fall on Dancing with the Stars, and Stirling noted in a recent Instagram post that this has been an intense week of rehearsals. However, she added that Ballas keeps her laughing, and at least up until her rib injury, she seemed to be in good spirits.

As PureDWTS notes, Lindsey and Mark are slated to dance the paso doble to Stirling’s “Roundtable Rival” for Week 7, and they are also slated to perform in a team dance. They are said to be part of “Team Monster Mash” alongside Terrell and Cheryl, Jordan and Lindsay, and Nikki and Artem. When it comes to elimination risk, Stirling and Ballas are probably fairly safe in terms of scores and votes this week if they can perform. If Lindsey’s injury is too significant for her to continue, it will not only break the hearts of Team STARK fans everywhere, but it will seriously shake up the DWTS competition.

Despite Lindsey Sterling’s injury, it seems likely that she will still manage to perform with DWTS partner Mark Ballas Monday night for Week 7. Team STARK fans will want to make sure they get their votes in by calling 1-800-868-3407 to give Stirling and Ballas a cushion as she recovers from this rib injury. Do you think that Lindsey and Mark can make it through this challenge and go on to win the Season 25 Dancing with the Stars mirror-ball trophy?

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