Suri Cruise 2017: Tom Cruise Will Not Be A Part Of Daughter's Life Despite Reports, Loyal To Scientology?

Tom Cruise has not seen his daughter, Suri Cruise, for more than 1,000 days, according to reports. Unfortunately, it appears that more numbers will be added to those days as the Mission: Impossible 6 actor is still MIA in the 11-year-old's life. Is his absence a result of his loyalty to Scientology?

Earlier reports revealed that Tom Cruise finally wishes to be a part of Suri Cruise's life again. Despite the promising gesture, Gossip Cop quickly slammed the report, stating that there is absolutely no truth to the claim.

Another report also claimed that Suri Cruise is still hoping to have a relationship with Tom Cruise despite growing up without him for quite a long time.

The said report revealed that Suri Cruise is "desperately missing her dad" and supposedly asked her father a heartbreaking question, "When can I see you?" Gossip Cop also debunked this scoop.

If the claim was true, then Suri Cruise's alleged plea will just go down the drain due to Scientology's strict rules. In fact, the thought of Tom Cruise and his daughter's reunion is more likely never going to happen because of the Hollywood superstar's devotion to his organization.

Scientology is known for separating families once a member decided to leave the cult-like religion. Since Katie Holmes ended her marriage with Tom Cruise back in 2012, the actress is considered a "Suppressive Person" or "SP" in Scientology; therefore, the Mission: Impossible 6 actor should disconnect from her even if it means cutting ties with his own daughter as well.

Being the face of Scientology for years and a proud loyalist, Tom Cruise full-heartedly follows the rules to a T. While his actions are highly praised by the cult-like religion's followers and leader David Miscavige, Katie Holmes and people outside the controversial church just can't seem to fathom as to how he could put the institution before his own daughter.

Although many sympathies for the young child, a previous report revealed that Suri Cruise has already gotten used to the situation and has "stopped missing" her dad. Katie Holmes has been a mother and a father to Suri and the mother-daughter tandem appears to have a really tight bond.

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