Apple Fired iPhone X Engineer After Daughter Debuts iPhone On Her Youtube Channel

One iPhone engineer has just learned the hard way that Apple takes its secrecy and security very seriously. Recently, an Apple iPhone X engineer allowed his daughter to have a preview of the iPhone X. After Apple iPhone X engineer Ken Bauer allowed his daughter, a YouTube vlogger named Brooke Amelia Peterson, to review the phone for her Youtube channel, Apple fired him when the video was viewed by millions.

Peterson's video, which essentially reviewed the new iPhone X live from the Apple cafeteria, went viral and cost her dad his job. The Apple iPhone video blew up rather quickly and ended up on YouTube's top trending videos list before it was removed. Apple notified Bauer and Peterson that they had broken a major, well-known confidentiality rule of working for Apple.

Even though the Apple iPhone X is available for pre-order, and the company has hosted an iPhone X media day, where the press was allowed to preview the Apple iPhone X and even take it for a test drive, so to speak, the way Peterson previewed it for her Youtube channel was unusually candid. She was using Bauer's Apple iPhone X "pre-production" unit and not necessarily the iPhone which is about to go to market.

Understandably, Apple has a zero tolerance for this kind of behavior, and both Brooke Amelia Peterson and Ken Bauer have learned a hard lesson. But Peterson claims that she understands Apple's actions.

"Apple let him go. At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn't matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance."
Brooke Amelia Peterson took to her Youtube Channel to explain why she made a video of the Apple iPhone X, and though she doesn't believe her father deserved to be fired, she understands. She says that as soon as Apple asked her to take the iPhone X video down, she did. Sadly, Peterson is getting a lot of negative feedback on her social media accounts. Peterson says that she doesn't mind if people say negative things about her, but she begs "please don't say negative things about my father, he is a wonderful man."

On the initial Apple iPhone X review Youtube video that has now been taken down, Peterson seemed to be very impressed with the new Apple iPhone X.

"Dad has the new iPhone X. Look at how big the screen is... you just swipe to go back home."
Together Peterson and her father, former Apple iPhone X engineer Ken Bauer, seems to play with the iPhone and demonstrates the new app Animoji, Apple's animated emojis that mimic your voice and expression. Peterson explains that she barely had any followers on her Youtube channel and never imagined her iPhone x video would go viral.

Peterson explains that she loves Apple products, and even though her father has now lost his job of four years, she will continue to buy the Apple iPhones.

"I'm not mad at Apple, I'm not going to stop buying Apple products. Rules are in place for the safety and happiness of workers, and my dad takes absolutely full responsibility for the one rule that he broke."
Among the new features on the Apple iPhone X (retail price $999) is the facial recognition software called Face ID, which takes owner identification to the next level. While the current Apple iPhone has Touch ID, the new Apple iPhone X will now be able to recognize the owner's face.

Do you think that the Apple iPhone X engineer should have lost his job? Are you going to buy the Apple iPhone X?

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]