Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx Reportedly Broke Up -- Truth Behind The Whole 'Commitment' Drama

Tom Cruise's ex-wife, Katie Holmes, and his former friend, Jamie Foxx's relationship status are again under scrutiny due to Foxx's commitments issues. According to a recent allegation, due to Foxx's lack of showing any commitments in their relationship, Suri Cruise's mother has reportedly dumped him just after they both were photographed along the beach in Malibu.

According to a recent report, Katie Holmes dumped Jamie Foxx as he couldn't make a commitment to their three years long relationship.

The outlet referenced to Katie and Jamie's Malibu beach's photo and stated that it was a great opportunity for both of them to come out as a couple but their relationship went awry because of a huge fight between both of them. According to the outlet, the fight allegedly resulted in their split.

Not only this, an alleged source even claimed that it was Katie Holmes' idea to get photographed with Jamie on Malibu beach.

"Katie was so determined for them to come out of hiding. She'd been really piling on the pressure, so he went along with it, but afterward, he had to admit the whole thing bugged him," the alleged insider claimed.

The insider went on to suggest that after the picture surfaced online, Jamie reportedly asked Katie the reason behind her desire to get the approval from the world and it made Katie ask the question which she was holding from a long time.

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"She'd assumed that going public was the first big step in getting Jamie to ultimately make a commitment. She hoped he would propose, or at least invite her to move in with him permanently," added the alleged fabricated insider.

The outlet further alleged that Katie let Jamie intertwined in her and 11-year-old daughter Suri's life as she thought that sooner or later Jamie will ask her to marry him but it did not happen due to lack of commitments from Jamie's end. As a result of which, Katie decided to end the affair.

Gossip Cop, however, debunked the entire claims and reported that the reports about the personal lives of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are nothing but fabricated news.

Apparently, this is not for the first time when reports have surfaced that Katie has reportedly dumped Jamie, or Jamie himself decided to part his ways from Katie due to commitment issues. Back in 2016, when there were only allegations that Katie and Jamie are an alleged couple, a report suggested that Foxx has dumped Holmes after she kept on pushing him to officially acknowledge their relationship. The news outlet's report, which was later debunked by Gossip Cop, further alleged that Foxx has reportedly found another girl for himself after he decided to dump Tom Cruise's former wife.

"Jamie is tired of being pressured by [Katie Holmes] into going public," a source told the outlet. "He's asked for a few months out and made no promise he'll be available after that."

This should be noted that over the years, many reporters have asked Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx to shed light on their relationship status and almost every time, Katie has denied the allegations and Jamie stated that the reports of him falling in love with Tom Cruise's third wife are nothing but fake news.

Furthermore, even after their Labor Day pictures surfaced online, both Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have not yet commented on their relationship status. At the same time, Tom Cruise, who is filming Mission: Impossible 6, has also not commented on the pictures.

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