Trump-Netanyahu Same-Sex Kiss: West Bank Wall Mural Goes Viral, Tourists Take Selfies With Graffiti Smooch

President Donald Trump is already the subject of a mocking video called, "Mueller Time," that depicts him and his aides being arrested by FBI agents. Now, Trump appears on a new wall mural on the Israeli-controlled West Bank locked in a romantic kiss with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Not surprisingly, the same-sex graffiti kiss went viral and tourists got their fill of selfies just in time, according to the Slate.

President Trump appears in the West Bank wall mural on the right of Prime Minister Netanyahu. The pair is shown indulging in a romantic kiss. Captions in the painting of the two world leaders appear above their heads.

"Thanks for the wall Trumpy pumpkin," Netanyahu's bubble reads. Trump thanks his Israeli counterpart by referring to him with a term of endearment. "Bebe your country and you will always come first my love," Trump responds in kind.

Many have wondered who the mystery artist is behind the Trump-Netanyahu West Bank painting. According to a report from Reuters, an Aussie man, who concealed his identity during the interview, took credit for the kissing mural. He hatched the idea to paint the mural of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu to bring attention to the oppression of the Palestinian people.

The wall has long been a fixture of contention between two factions: Israel and the Palestinian state. As Vox wrote, the West Bank, or Samaria, "is the biblical term for part of the region most of the international community refers to as the West Bank. It's also an area of land much of the international community believes to be illegally occupied by Israel."

The mural's creator, who only goes by "Australian graffiti artist Lushsux," said he painted the image of Trump and Netanyahu, not to mock them, but to bring attention about the territory impasse to the global community.
"The wall is a message in itself. I don't need to write 'Free Palestine' or something like that, something really direct... that people will ignore. I just paint what I usually paint and maybe people will start looking at the background and looking at the razor wire and looking at people stuck in here, and maybe that'll work better."
Sources say the controversial mural is the latest to appear on the West Bank wall: Another of the U.S. leader depicts him in deep contemplation at the wall while considering how he could implement a similar one along the Mexican border.

The latest wall portrait of Donald Trump kissing Benjamin Netanyahu comes on the heels of another image that stunned the international community. In 2016, an artist in Lithuania painted a mural that depicted Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin kissing.

In the Australian artist's West Bank wall mural, the kissing leaders' faces were painted over a short time after Lushsux completed his work. Still, several locals and tourists managed to take selfies to commemorate the moment.

[Featured Image by Kobi Gideon/GPO via Getty Images]