Adam Sandler Slammed After Touching Claire Foy's Leg On Talk Show As She Pushes Him Away

Adam Sandler is being slammed after touching Claire Foy's leg on a talk show. Radar Online shared what is going on and why fans went to Twitter talking bad about Adam. During Friday night's Graham Norton Show, Adam kept touching Claire on the leg and you could tell that she wasn't a fan of what was going on at all. He never even seemed to understand that she was annoyed by it.

For no reason, Adam rested his hand on her leg. Foy didn't look happy about it and actually cringed when he did it. She tried to gently push his hand away, but he didn't get the hint and put it back down once again. Emma Thompson was also on the show and she actually gave Sandler a bad look when it happened. Everyone seemed to notice what was going on besides Adam Sandler.

Sandler was telling a story about his mother while he was touching her leg. He is married and has two children at home, but what Sandler probably thought was harmless has upset a lot of people. Not long after that he also touched Emma Thompson's leg. The fans went to Twitter and were really upset about what went down with Sandler. One said, "Adam Sandler touching Claire Foy's knee for no reason, she put his hand back, he then does it again, she looked rightly p***** off."

Ever since the sexual accusations against Harvey Weinstein have been coming out, people are taking this thing a lot more seriously. The hashtag #metoo went crazy on social networks as people spoke out admitting that they have been a victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment as well. Emma Thompson has also been one of the people speaking out very openly about what Harvey Weinstein has done in the past. She called the producer a "predator" and said his behavior was "endemic" in show business.

It will be interesting to see if Adam Sandler speaks out or issues an apology now that he realizes how upset people are over what was going on during this talk show. So far, Adam hasn't said anything.

What do you think of Adam Sandler touching Claire Foy's leg during the talk show? Do you feel like he took it too far? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]