'Little People, Big World': Audrey Roloff Shares Photo Of Baby Ember 'Holding Her Head Up' At Only 6-Weeks-Old

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff shared a new photo of baby Ember recently that reveals another first for the second Roloff grandbaby. Audrey took to Facebook on Thursday to post a photo of her firstborn child and across the photo, she wrote, "Look at that head action." The photo was reacted to by 12,000 of Audrey's followers who were shocked to see that baby Ember is "holding her head up" at only 6-weeks-old.

Audrey has been sharing many of baby Ember's "firsts" on social media since her birth on September 10. On October 8, the Little People, Big World reality TV star and lifestyle blogger took to her Instagram account to share baby Ember's 4-week photo and a list of her "firsts." However, holding her head up was not on that list but included other first accomplishments, such as "first time to the farm, first mule ride, and first public blow out," according to mom Audrey.

"Pretty dang good for 6 weeks," wrote Audrey Roloff, 26, on last Thursday's photo that shows baby Ember Jean lying on her tummy across Audrey's chest, holding her head up high, and supporting herself with her arms.

The caption on Audrey's photo is followed by three flexed bicep emojis to show just how strong baby Ember is at 6-weeks-old and, across the photo, Audrey added a shocked cat face emoji, followed by a raising hands emoji and a clapping hands emoji. Little People, Big World fans wondered how baby Ember could "hold her head up and sit up like she does," also, referring back to a previous photo that Audrey shared of baby Ember sitting in the pumpkin patch on Roloff Farms.


One comment on Thursday's photo noted that Audrey still needs to support baby Ember's "head and neck" at only 6 weeks old, but other comments say that a developmental milestone, such as lifting their head, is "different for each baby." An article on BabyCenter suggests that baby Ember is right on track with her baby milestones, saying that babies will be able to lift their head on their own at "about a month old."

Another BabyCenter article notes that from "one month to two months" babies "may be able to" lift their own head "briefly" when lying on their tummy. Fans of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff and the Roloff family's long-running TLC reality TV show, Little People, Big World, say that baby Ember "is a pretty strong farm girl," adding that her expression in last Thursday's photo shows her confidence in being able to lift her head at such a young age.

One commenter wrote, "Of course I can lift my head, did you have any doubts?"

A Little People, Big World fan page on Instagram made just for fans of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff also shared the photo on Friday of baby Ember holding her head up, along with the caption, "Go Ember." Some of the nearly 40,000 followers on the @jeremynaudreyfans page were amazed at how baby Ember "is already holding her head up," and one commenter shared that baby Ember is already posing for "camera action."

In fact, baby Ember has been in front of the camera quite a bit here lately since her birth back in September. Baby Ember's Aunt Tori shared in August that filming for the new season of Little People, Big World had already begun, as noted by the Hollywood Gossip, and dad Jeremy Roloff, 27, shared a photo on his Facebook account on October 19 of film crews following the family as they took a morning fall walk.


Proud grandpa Matt Roloff, 56, shared on Saturday that the 2017 pumpkin season on Roloff Farms will officially end this weekend, but fans of Little People, Big World who didn't make it out to the famous Roloff pumpkin patch in Helvetia, Oregon, "will get to see a peek of what happened on upcoming episodes of LPBW sometime this winter/spring."

The Inquisitr previously shared that proud grandma Amy Roloff, 53, wrote on her Facebook account just over a week ago that the new season of Little People, Big World is supposed to air on TLC in March of 2018, "if not earlier."

[Featured Image by Jeremy Roloff/Facebook]