'The Hunger Games' Actor Woody Harrelson Admits He Smoked Weed To Survive 'Brutal' Dinner With Donald Trump

Woody Harrelson revealed some interesting details about his dinner with Donald Trump before he became president. The Hunger Games actor shared the "brutal" experience that forced him to smoke a joint just to endure it.

During an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, the Texas-born actor dished about the time Trump left a bad impression on him. The 56-year-old actor claimed that the president's "narcissism" was something too much for him to handle.

According to Woody, he was invited to Trump's dinner party by former wrestler turned Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Apparently, Ventura was being courted by Trump to be his running mate for the 2004 presidential race under the Democratic Party.

However, the dinner turned out to be something "brutal" for the Now You See Me star. In fact, Woody admitted that the dinner was so unbearable he had to sneak out for a quick puff of marijuana just to get through it.

"I had to walk out halfway through, smoke a joint, just to steel myself for the rest of the thing. It was brutal."
Harrelson recalled how Trump "talked about himself the whole time," adding that he never met "a more narcissistic man before."

Following the revelation, Harrelson confirmed that he gave up smoking marijuana a year and a half ago.

Woody Harrelson calls Donald Trump 'narcissistic' after an uncomfortable dinner with him in 2002. [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

This is not the first time that Woody Harrelson spoke out against Donald Trump. Speaking with The Guardian in May, the actor claimed that the president has not done anything positive since holding the position.

He also alleged that Trump is "doing anything he can for himself and his buddies."

"I don't see one positive thing he's done. I keep wanting him to surprise me, with just one positive thing."
Meanwhile, during the same interview, Woody Harrelson talked about his upcoming film LBJ. The actor, who plays former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, describes his character as someone who has a foul mouth but "wasn't publicly vulgar like Trump."

Previously, it has been reported that Harrelson is keen on playing the iconic role in Rob Reiner's latest film. Reports noted that the actor nearly drove the famed director mad by becoming "overly obsessed" with a small detail in his character -- the way he speaks.

Woody admitted that he was consumed he just wasn't getting the right voice for his character despite both being from Texas.

LBJ is slated for release on November 3.

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