'Sopranos' Actress Annabella Sciorra Says Harvey Weinstein Raped Her

Annabella Sciorra of Sopranos is speaking out and sharing allegations that Harvey Weinstein raped her. Yahoo shared the details about what she had to say recently. Dozens of women have come forward with accusations against Harvey. So far, he has been denying any claims against him.

Now, Annabella Sciorra is saying that back in the '90s she was raped by Harvey Weinstein, but that it didn't stop there. She said several years later he also sexually harassed her. She explained that after a dinner event in New York, he gave her a ride home and then left. He later allegedly barged into her house and then violently raped her.

Annabella says that she was ashamed of what happened and she didn't speak out at the time. Now that so many women are coming out with their Harvey Weinstein accusations, she decided to speak out. She also feels like he may have retaliated against her after the attack. Annabella shared saying, "I just kept getting this pushback of 'We heard you were difficult; we heard this or that.' I think that that was the Harvey machine." Now, Annabella Sciorra is coming out with the story about what allegedly happened to her years ago. This report is one of the worst about Weinstein so far.

Oscar winners Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mira Sorvino all said that they had unwanted advances from Weinstein. Weinstein was terminated by the board of the Weinstein Company after the allegations and he later resigned from the board of directors. He also lost his spot on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. It does look like his career is over now.

It really does seem like this is only the start of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. More things keep coming out and more women are coming forward. There has also been a large movement with the hashtag #metoo of women showing that they have been victims even if it wasn't Harvey Weinstein who sexually assaulted them.

Are you shocked by the allegations coming out against Harvey Weinstein? Do you feel like all of these women are telling the truth? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Featured Image by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]