Duggar Family: Anna Duggar Reportedly Tried To Leave Josh Duggar After Sex Scandal Broke

Anna Duggar is probably the most sympathetic member of the massive Duggar family. Being the wife of the controversial Josh Duggar, Anna had to deal with the height and aftermath of her husband's molestation and cheating scandals. Since then, Anna has seemingly played the role of a faithful, doting wife, standing by Josh despite his damaged reputation.

A recently conducted Reddit AMA might have revealed a particularly interesting detail about Anna Duggar's initial reaction to her husband's scandal, however. The unverified AMA, which was conducted in the official 19 Kids and Counting subreddit, was held by a person who claimed to be from a family that is quite close to the Duggars.

Unsurprisingly, the redditor who held the AMA was immediately flooded with questions from the Counting On and 19 Kids and Counting community about details pertaining to Josh's scandal a couple of years ago. While the source was not with the Duggars when Josh's scandal broke, the redditor did state that his/her mother was able to see Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar during that time.

"I walk into the room and my mom is in tears. Not hysterically crying but it was still concerning. I asked her what's going on and she tells me something terrible has happened to the Duggars and she is so heartbroken for Michelle."
Interestingly, the redditor who held the AMA stated that Michelle and Jim Bob seemed to be under the impression that Anna was leaving. Michelle was allegedly devastated during that time since her own children were very attached to Josh's kids. From this statement, it seemed like when the scandal broke, Anna Duggar threatened not only to leave Josh; she also threatened to take her kids as well.


"The strange thing is when this all first came out, Michelle and Jim Bob seemed under the impression (from what Michelle told my mom) that Anna was leaving. I don't know if they were assuming this or if she threatened to leave at first, but Michelle was devastated for her own small children because they are so attached to Josh's kids and I guess she thought they were going to be taken away and not brought back near to the family."
The redditor who held the AMA did mention that not long after, Michelle was much less devastated by the unfolding scandal, since Anna had decided to help navigate Josh back into his faith. Needless to say, many of members of the 19 Kids and Counting subreddit were quite shocked at the way Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar handled Anna's reaction.

"I find this very interesting. It seems that Michelle and Jim Bob didn't feel the least bit bad for Anna, but rather saw her as an enemy who was out to destroy their family," one commenter wrote.

Considering that Anna Duggar was brought up in a conservative Christian household herself, it was not very surprising to see her stick by Josh during the unfolding of his scandal. If there is anything really unfortunate that was revealed by the recently-held Reddit AMA, it was the idea that Anna actually tried to assert her own feelings and wishes during the height of Josh's scandal. Her wishes were just shot down.

For now, Anna Duggar seems to be content playing the role of a doting, faithful wife. Just like how Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wished it, the Duggar family is still as intact as ever.

[Featured Image by Anna Duggar/Instagram]