Female Cyclist Raises Middle Finger To Trump Motorcade As It Leaves His Golf Course, Becomes Hero To Internet

Donald Trump’s motorcade got a not-so-warm welcome when the president was departing his latest golfing trip — a very extended middle finger salute.

On Saturday, the president went to his golf course in Virginia for what was his 96th trip to a golf course in a little more than nine months of his presidency. While these trips have garnered quite a bit of criticism — especially among those who note that Trump repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for his less frequent golf trips — they have also gotten under the skin of many locals around his golf courses.

There were a number of protests earlier in the year when Trump’s resort of choice was Mar-a-Lago in Florida, and that is now the same around his Trump National Golf Course in Virginia, with one viral incident taking place on Saturday. As Newsweek noted, a female cyclist happened to be passing by the exit of the golf course as Trump’s motorcade was coming through, and she responded by holding her middle finger up toward Trump as he passed by.

But it didn’t end there. As the report noted, the motorcade had to come to a stop a little farther down the road, allowing the bicyclist to catch up again. She didn’t waste her second opportunity, raising her middle finger again toward Trump’s limo.

The middle finger to Trump’s motorcade quickly became a viral gesture, with many across the internet praising the woman for taking her chance to express what so many wish they could to Donald Trump.


The middle finger came after what was one of the most difficult days of Trump’s presidency. Though Trump has repeatedly claimed that there is nothing to the Russia investigation, on Friday there was a revelation that a lawyer who met with Trump campaign insiders including Donald Trump Jr. late in the 2016 campaign was carrying talking points directly from the Kremlin. A few hours later, a report from CNN noted that Robert Mueller’s investigation will be yielding the first arrests within a few days.

The Newsweek report suggested that there may be pool pictures or video of the woman giving Donald Trump’s motorcade the middle finger, but it has yet to surface.

[Featured Image by Jim Lo Scalzo- Pool/Getty Images]