'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 114 Preview Analysis: Potara Earrings Confirmed, Vegito Blue Vs Jiren Coming Soon?

Devina Belle

The recently aired Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 NEP featured a rather surprising twist at the end, and it has effectively managed to strike a chord with fans of the long-running anime series. If the preview for DBS Ep 114 is any indication, it would seem like a Potara Fusion might very well happen in the Tournament of Power.

That's right. Dragon Ball Super just teased a Potara Fusion, and it would involve two of the franchise's newest Saiyans. During the preview for DBS Episode 114, it was teased that Caulifla and Kale, the two female Saiyans from Universe 6, would fuse together to form a mighty warrior capable of matching Son Goku's more advanced Super Saiyan forms.

The two female fighters struggled significantly in Dragon Ball Super Episode 113, with the young warriors being unable to defeat Goku despite having a two-against-one advantage, according to noted DBS fan-translator Todd Blankenship. During Episode 113, Caulifla and Kale, despite transforming to their strongest forms, were unable to defeat the Universe 7 veteran, who was still clearly holding back.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 113 ended with Kale going full Berserker and Goku referring to her as a Legendary Super Saiyan in the NEP. With this, it seems like DBS is indeed trying to canonize Broly, while hyping up the Universe 6 Saiyans further.

The short preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 started with scenes featuring Berserker Kale going after Super Saiyan Goku. During the succeeding scenes, it was revealed that Goku would transform to his Super Saiyan 2 form and that he would trade blows with both Caulifla and Kale at the same time.

To the surprise of many Dragon Ball Super fans, the final scene of the DBS Episode 114 NEP teased a new, powerful, female warrior wearing Potara Earrings. As luck would have it, U6's Saiyans would be fusing together to challenge Son Goku.

Overall, the repercussions of a fusion happening in the Tournament of Power are huge. For one, it establishes the fact that a pair of Potara Earrings is present in the arena. Apart from this, it also proves that fusions are allowed in the rules of the multiverse battle royale. This means that a well-hyped and much-requested fight might happen in the next few episodes.

If things go well, there is a fairly good chance that Vegito Blue might fight against Jiren. While a bit ambitious, the fact remains that all the ingredients of such an intense fight are already present. Goku and Vegeta are still in the Tournament of Power, and they have Potara Earrings to spare.

The premise of Vegito Blue battling Jiren has been thrown around in the Dragon Ball Super community for a while now, with many fans speculating that the fused fighter would likely give the Pride Trooper a good fight.

If Dragon Ball Super continues giving out fanservice every week, then it would not be too outlandish to speculate that Vegito Blue might soon trade blows with the unstoppable force that is Jiren. Now that is a fight that would truly be epic.